A ripped, muscular physique is the goal of most, if not all bodybuilders and fitness buffs alike. So it is time once again to shred up, lean down and turn into a ripped piece of art we all envision ourselves to be – but for you, this time will be different. Do you often find yourself at a crossroads regarding keeping your hard-earned mass that you so tirelessly worked towards only to see it dwindle away as you diet down?
The age-old question of if is it possible to gain muscle and burn fat simultaneously has been debated for many years. So why not just give up, reduce calories and sacrifice the muscle for better abs and more muscular arms. You will find a way and put into practice a concise plan of action to reach your ultimate potential. One of the single, most imperative principles in this plan is to eat the right amounts of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats). Protein: As the main source for building muscle, protein is absolutely necessary for your muscle-building strategy. Now let’s look at how we can implement these macronutrients and manipulate them in such a way as to build more strength and mass while torching our fat stores.
Now you will start to manipulate carbohydrate in such a way as to trick the body into delving into its fat stores for fuel. Fat intake should hover around .25 grams per pound of bodyweight or 20-30% of total calories.
This will ensure your hormone levels will stay steady and will supply you with ample energy for your grueling workouts. As a drug free natural competitive bodybuilder Brad has trained, motivated, consulted, and harrased many clients from all aspects of life from the competitive bodybuilder and athlete to the elderly and rehabilitated. Sign up for our weekly mailing list for updates on new content and for a chance to win one of our monthly supplement prize packs. Many people on typical “weight loss” diets are under the mistaken impression that eating “light” meals, or eating fewer and smaller meals during the day can help them lose weight.
Studies reveal that the weight one loses along with any temporary fat loss is typically muscle.
This is due to several reasons: With fewer meals, the body slows its metabolism, making the food we do eat harder to metabolize.
Not surprisingly, different foods have different effects on TEF, which gives us just one more reason knowing the best foods for your blood type. As summer approaches we all start thinking about getting lean after a long fall and winter of bulking and packing on real muscular bodyweight.
Are you a “hardgainer” that has to fight for every ounce of muscle scared to death of reducing calories to get a more muscular midsection? There are so many opinions from experts to people in the trenches that it is very difficult to sift through to the facts. The guidelines and plan included here are designed to help you not only keep, but build muscle while simultaneously burn body fat. By manipulating these foods and staying strict with the guidelines your goals will soon be in range. Take in around 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight (this equates to 180-270 grams for a 180 pound individual). Certain fats are essential regarding maintaining hormones such as testosterone, increasing fat burning and aiding energy levels. On the low days your body will burn fat for fuel and save muscle so as long as your protein intake is high enough. However, on low carbohydrate days it would be wise to increase your healthy fat intake slightly.

Remember that one gram of fat has over twice the amount of calories of carbs, so a little goes a long way.
Our food intake and how we combine these foods couldn’t be more important to health and fitness!! Sign up to our newsletter and get email updates on new articles, giveaways, exclusive content and more straight to your inbox! Severely-curtailed low-calorie diets can cause the body to go into “starvation and conservation” mode. The more frequent, smaller, nutrient-rich meals we eat, the more efficient the metabolism becomes! One significant study demonstrated that during the normal six-hour resting metabolism period, we typically burn about 270 calories.
Eating unhealthy foods; full of fats and carbohydrates, along with lack of physical activity causes accumulation of fats within the body. But in the process of all that bulking we seemed to have let our abs fade in the place of strength and mass gains. More calories in equals more mass and fewer calories in equals less body fat – and it’s one or the other – right?
Most will tell you that you must choose between the two in order to reach optimum success and that attempting both at the same time is futile. Diet is so important that without adhering to these principles you will surely never reach your physique goals. This will guarantee that your muscles will be getting the correct dose of amino acids for maintaining and building muscle tissue. Sources include brown rice, wild rice, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, wheat pasta, vegetables, some fruits and Ezekiel products.
Healthy fats will be utilized to replace carbohydrate on certain days to keep blood sugar levels steady and help with satiety.
You need that steady stream of amino acids to feed to the muscles for recuperation and repair to take place.
Before you starve your body of energy after so many days of low carbs (which if prolonged could lead to lower testosterone levels and metabolism) you will have a day of moderate carbs and another day of high carbs. For example, if you had half of an avocado on a salad, now on low carb days you will eat ? of an avocado. One of the body’s natural cycles involves occasionally breaking muscle proteins down to be used for energy, a process called “protein turnover.” The body is in a continuous cycle of anabolic (muscle building) and catabolic (breaking muscle down). These kinds of diets or even long periods during the day without eating can actually create a catabolic state of muscle burning to conserve energy. When eating a single meal of carbohydrates alone or fat alone, the energy burned during this six-hour period reached 290 calories (an additional 20 calories). Some prime sources are chicken, lean steak, fish, turkey, ground meat, eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and protein powders. Good sources include avocado, walnuts, almonds, olive oil, natural peanut butter, some egg yolks and sunflower seeds. This will shuttle in fuel to the muscle, rev back up your metabolism and be burned without storing body fat.
The body seeks a natural balance between these two alternating processes—with a preference towards anabolic.
Interestingly, when eating protein alone the subjects in this study burned 310 calories during this six hour period (an additional 40 calories).
Though lots of people resort to dieting to be able to burn fats rapidly, it’s not a healthy approach. We literally feed and encourage either of these states mostly through the dietary choices we make.

D’Adamo explains, muscle is metabolically active tissue, requiring a great deal of caloric energy just to maintain it. Physical exercises are must for all those trying to build muscle, burn off fat and remain healthy. That is about as high as you will want to go with protein – the rest is up to carbohydrate and fat manipulation. Again, exercising alone cannot attain the purpose if it is not supplemented through the right type of diet.
With diets that severely restrict calories, you may lose weight but also lose muscle tissue. Foods That Burn of fatAnytime the topic of discussion within my blogs, articles or newsletters has considered my own personal grocery shopping list, there’s always been a spike in interest. It would appear that many people are not only interested in what foods a natural bodybuilder eats to keep single digit body fat, they also want to be taken step-by-step and told precisely what foods to eat themselves during fat-burning or muscle building programs.
I try to get as many different types of fruits and vegetables as possible over the course of each week and there are a lot of substitutions made, which means you are not seeing the entire list of everything I eat, only what foods I eat more often than not.I also want to explain that while I don’t think that extreme low carbs are essential or most effective whenever you look at the long term, research has revealed that there are some sure benefits to a low to moderate carb and better protein diet for fat loss purposes.
Included in this are reduced appetite, higher thermic effect of food and “automatic” calorie control.Personally, I reduce my carb intake moderately and temporarily just before bodybuilding competitions.
Specifically, it’s the foods which are on the starchy carbs and grains list which go down during the brief pre-competition period when I’m focusing on that really “ripped” look.
I keep your green and fibrous veggie intake high however, along with considerable amounts of lean protein, small quantities of fruit, and adequate levels of essential fats.Muscle Building FoodsFoods For Muscle BuildingAmong the single, most imperative principles within this plan is to eat the best amounts of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats).
By manipulating these foods and staying strict using the guidelines your goals will quickly be in range. Consume around 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight (this means 180-270 grams for a 180 pound individual). This can guarantee that your muscles will be receiving the correct dose of amino acids for maintaining and building muscle tissue.
Some prime sources are chicken, lean steak, fish, turkey, ground meat, eggs, cottage type cheese, Greek yogurt and protein powders.FatsNever count out a healthy fat. Certain fats are crucial regarding maintaining hormones for example testosterone, increasing fat burning and aiding energy levels.
Healthy fats is going to be utilized to replace carbohydrate on certain days to help keep blood sugar levels steady and assist with satiety.
Good sources include avocado, walnuts, almonds, essential olive oil, natural peanut butter, some egg yolks and sunflower seeds.
Particularly, Omega-3 fish oil and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) have potent natural anti-inflammatory and muscle building effects.
Fats like essential olive oil, nuts and seeds and avocados play an immediate role in the manufacture of fat burning and muscle building hormones.CarbohydratesCarbohydrates improve muscle in several ways. Low-glycemic carbs provide you with long-lasting energy to hit the gym with all of you have.
Meanwhile, high-glycemic carbs make excellent post-workout options to spike insulin and replenish muscle glycogen. Additionally they deliver potent antioxidants which have many health benefits, including boosting metabolism. Berries, apples, grapes along with other brightly colored fruits and vegetables contain these polyphenol antioxidants. Dairy products contain high levels of calcium, which directly impacts fat burning and could inhibit the storage of body fat.

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