Strawberries require 6-10 hours of direct sunlight each day and should be planted in a well-drained area.
Strawberry plants have shallow root systems so they need moisture throughout the growing season. Straw, mulch, black plastic or even leaves should be used for ground cover surrounding the strawberries.
The first year you plant your strawberries, remove all the flowers from the plants so they can spend their energy on establishing a good root system.
Once the growing season ends, cut down or mow the plants to 4 inches, removing all the clippings and weeds.
If you are in need of an Easter gift idea for your parents, a friend, or a co-worker or if you need the perfect hostess gift for an Easter brunch or dinner, a perfect gift would be an Easter fruit bouquet.  These are also terrific to surprise your children with on the breakfast table Easter morning. What is Easter without milk chocolate?  For a sweet Easter treat chocolate dipped pineapples cut in the shape of a bunny or Easter egg and surrounded by grapes, honeydew, cantaloupes, pineapple flowers, and decadent chocolate dipped strawberries will have everyone’s mouths watering.  Include a cuddly stuffed animal or Easter balloon and the kids will absolutely love it. Easter fruit bouquets come in a variety of sizes making them perfect for an individual gift for one, or a table centerpiece for a party.   But, who says an Easter fruit bouquet is only good as a gift for someone else?  Why not give yourself the fresh and delicious gift of a fruit bouquet? If you are hosting an Easter get together this year, you can be sure that the kids will love all the candy and chocolate, the adults will probably enjoy some too but a fruit bouquet will make an excellent centerpiece as well as a healthy snack for the grown-ups to enjoy. No one ever said that a fruit bouquet has to look like Edible Arrangement’s fruit, carved to resemble a flower arrangement.
If you plan to make a fruit bouquet with organic fruit, use a non-chemical solution to clean the fruit.
To ensure that the recipient has ample time to enjoy the fruit bouquet before the fruit ripens, always select green bananas, as they will last longer. Using straw (available at gift and arts and craft supply stores), paper trimmed into confetti or crumpled up craft paper, fill the bottom of the basket. While cellophane is not a requirement, it gives a fruit bouquet a professionally packaged appearance. Don’t miss out on the celebration this year with some toast and strawberry jam, a strawberry smoothie or a big bowl of fresh strawberries and ice cream.
It can be difficult to find an appropriate gift for Valentine’s Day when a relationship begins.

4)  Compare fruit bouquets with other gift items such as balloons, stuffed animals and container keepsakes to make sure you’re spending an appropriate amount. 5) Before placing your fruit bouquet order, be sure to read the terms to avoid any unforeseen Valentine’s Day gift snafus. If you include a personal handwritten note, she is sure to think the gift of fruit was very thoughtful and it will have your relationship on a good path, without her thinking you went overboard. If your soil is clay-like then generously add composted leaves, sawdust, or organic matter into the soil before planting strawberries. Drip irrigation systems are recommended to keep the soil moist but not too soggy to cause rot. The covering will help prevent weeds, will help prevent the soil from drying out so quickly and will protect the berries from sitting in mud. Lightly fertilize the plants with an organic blend and then cover them with 4 inches of mulch.
When considering how to make a fruit bouquet arrangement look professional you’re not limited to sculpting fresh fruit. Whether it’s a wicker basket, a planting pot or icebox canister, opt for a container appropriately sized to accommodate the contents of the fruit bouquet. Apples, pears and oranges, exuding a vivid hue of red, green or orange, respectively, render the best depiction of fresh fruit.
When the flesh of the fruit is pierced with even a slight pin-sized hole, it could very well be contaminated with bacteria.
Fresh strawberries might be in short supply but don’t forget that dried or frozen strawberries can be delicious as well.
If so, your best bet is to order a fruit bouquet and have it delivered to her office prior to February 14. Planting in the fall in these climates allows the plant to establish itself in order to produce a good crop in the spring.
A site that has not had tomatoes, peppers or eggplant grown in the soil for at least 3 years is important. If your soil is sandy mix a 1 inch layer of rich compost into the soil before planting strawberries.

Be sure to gift-wrap any other personal presents that will be included in the fruit bouquet.
Although, we do not have an exclusive dating arrangement, I would like to send her a Valentine’s Day present. Fruit bouquets can be a sweet gift expression for Valentine’s Day coming with just the right level of thoughtfulness. Remember that unlike a floral arrangement, fruit bouquets generally require immediate consumption. If you live in a cooler climate where the ground freezes in the winter, early spring is the best time to plant strawberries. If your soil is alkaline, then it will be best to plant the strawberries in containers with potting soil, rather than planting them in the ground.
Though the cold of winter is still brutally present, spring is right around the corner and the strawberry, the taste of spring, will be arriving shortly as one of the first fruits to make an appearance.
We haven’t met face to face yet and I don’t want to send the wrong message by spending too much.
Depending on her schedule and how much fruit you send her, she may not have the time to enjoy the fruit bouquet while its fresh. National Strawberry Day reminds us, and gives us hope, that spring is right around the corner.
Sending a fruit gift to her office will insure she gets it promptly and that she can share it if need be.
Is this gift idea more appropriate for a co-worker, or is a fruit bouquet a suitable present for a budding relationship?

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