You can follow along with this workout by heading to our Workout Builder and locating the "Quick, Fat-Burning Workout" under the Expert Playlist dropdown. According to a study done by Men’s Health, it takes 22,000 crunches to burn just ONE single pound of fat… 22 THOUSAND! The stomach fat burning workout we will be going over today is one that will not only allow you to burn off your ugly stomach fat, but will also allow you to build your abs and that ripped, athletic physique you’ve always wanted.
Before we jump into the workout, let’s first discuss the top 3 aspects when trying to create the PERFECT stomach fat burning workout. Using more muscles allows you to crank up the caloric burn and experience the after burn effect which allows for HOURS of fat burning even after your workout is finished. Look at any super ripped and lean athlete… They are explosive and powerful, and train that way too.
These movements not only force you to use more muscles, it supercharges your nervous system leading to more caloric burn. Also known as density, I’ve found this to be one of the best ways to start burning more stomach fat, fast. For example, you could try and complete as many reps of an exercise in 5-minutes or complete as many rounds as possible of 3-5 exercises in 15-minutes. As you will see in the workout that follows, we will be doing 5 exercises that are all athletic movements, and you will be completing as many rounds as you can in a set time period (15-minutes in this case).
The key to burning stomach fat from your workouts is to go at your highest intensity for as long as you possibly can, rest and repeat. That said, you need to make sure that you are resting when you need to rest so that you can go hard during your exercises.
When it comes to creating fat burning workouts, I always like to vary the structure the workout itself. So today, you will be doing a great fat burning ladder workout that consists of 5 of my favorite exercises. You will ONLY rest when needed, trying to complete the entire ladder (until you reach 1 rep or 2 reps on each exercise) as fast as possible.
Then adding a nice little ab workout like the one above at the end is always good for burning a more fat while building up some strength in your core.

When it comes to the perfect fat burning ab workout, you need to take into account three different aspects of training.
In today’s fat burning ab workout, you will be targeting our abs from three different angles. Think of those exercises like a hybrid movement where you will be feeling activating your abs while also burning up the fat around them.
For today’s fat burning ab workout you will be doing 5 different exercises, then finish each circuit with a sprint. This workout right here, and the structure of this workout is the best way to train your abs.
For more fat burning ab workouts just like this one, go check out Superhero Abs System which is designed to get your abs showing in as little as 4-minutes! Written by Dennis Heenan · Categorized: Fat Burning Workouts, Fat Burning Workouts For Men, Fat Burning Workouts For Women 2-Minute Fat Burning Workout? Well, although I don’t recommend simply doing 2-minute workouts all the time, I do think they are pretty useful every now and again.
You can do them on an off day or place them as a finisher or just do them in your office for the heck of it. You have two exercises, bodyweight squats and pushups, that you will be doing 20-reps each for 5-sets (100 reps total for each exercise).
I didn’t think this was going to be super tough but once you get going against the clock, you start realizing how much work it is to get in 100 pushups and 100 bodyweight squats in just 4-minutes.
If do cannot complete all 200 reps in the 4-minute time frame, be sure to track how long it takes you so you can beat your score next time. Welcome to Fat Burning Workouts HQ We have everything you need to start burning fat faster than you thought possible. 20something marketer, personal trainer, Nike Master Trainer, and fitness enthusiast making the most of everyday.
Today we've got another workout for you to follow along with to help you spice up your fitness routine! I just dropped down and did 60-seconds of crunches and was able to do 53 reps in the 60-seconds.

Studies have shown that the longer you spend at or near your anaerobic threshold, the more fat you will burn. Track how many rounds you were able to complete in the 15-minutes so that you can beat your score next time you do the same workout! This is the perfect way to keep things interesting and give your workouts a little break from the norm.
You are not necessarily burning a lot of fat during this part of the workout, but it will help later when burning away that final layer of fat. This is done through exercises that focus both on building your abs AND burning the fat around your abs, at the same time. Not only are you focusing a few exercises on building your ab muscles, you are also focusing on burning the fat around your abs.
Start on your back with hands placed behind your head with elbows out and feet straight out off the ground.
Bring your opposite elbow to the opposite knee and quickly return to the starting position. Place the hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, BUT place one hand in front of shoulder level and the other hand behind shoulder level. It consists of just ONE single exercise and is the little brother (or sister) of our 4-minute fat burning workout. And that’s exactly what we are looking for when doing this 2-minute fat burning workout! With crunches, you are only using your abs (and psoas) and hardly burning any calories which does absolutely nothing for burning stomach fat. The exercises containing 20 reps, you will minus 2 reps each round and the exercises containing 10 reps you will minus 1 rep each round. I’m Kate, a born and raised Chicagoan obsessed with exploring my limits and making each day better than the last.

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