Torch calories, burn fat…you hear these buzz words mentioned all the time in regards to weight-loss plans and devices. Your body draws energy from both calories and fat to power everything you do: walking the dog, unpacking groceries, even thinking and sleeping. If you've ever wanted a chiseled six-pack or a flat, defined set of abs, you HAVE to be focusing on the rectus abdominis. To commemorate this glorious, Drake-infused occasion, we've whipped up the Ultimate Summer 2016 Playlist. In my experience, HIIT is the #1 tool when it comes to incinerating the HORRIBLY stubborn body fat that plasters the inner crevices of the abs, specifically the lower abs.
In practice you burn more overall calories, and ultimately more fat, at a higher intensity. Sorry, you don’t get anywhere near as much EPOC from long distance running (but you do from weight-lifting). While many different types of interval training exist, at the core it simply implies varying the intensity of a workout at a calculated rate. Ratio — Ratio of time in the low-to-high intensity intervals (Walk 90 seconds, sprint 45 seconds = 2-to-1 ratio low-to-high.
For more information on HIIT see the infographic below from The Greatist, which does a nice job laying out the foundation of interval training and a few different variations, including: Tabata, The Little Method, and Turbulence Training.
It also impacts how insulin works and is released, in a way that isn’t optimal for growth + recovery. I am sorr, but I don’t know of a single person in the world, that can sprint all-out for 45 seconds. I started with HIIT a couple of months ago, now I am doing 2 minutes of warm up, and then 1 minute at 12,5 mph and 1 minute of rest at 3,7 mph, for 15 or 16 minutes…. It’s amazing for basketball because it mimics the way you run — spontaneous bursts and short-duration sprints, with recovery in between. Absolutely — you can do it on a track, the street, an elliptical, stationary bike, rowing machine, etc. Hey Bryan, I have been trying to combine this HIT method with the 5×5 strength training regiment (not sure if you are aware of it).
However what’s a a great product if you’re not having fun and learning while you build your business? Watch this Google Hangout we did featuring Jon Lamont, Billy Funk, Ray Dietrich, Michael Rutherford, and Michael Beal as we launched our team into the stratosphere!
Product: Although Ketopia was a very well designed suite of products people including myself were looking for at least one of the products, KetonX, in more than 10 day quantities. Performance: Although both products definitely do the trick to get you into Ketosis there are some noticeable differences in my opinion between how the two perform that process.
Once the body makes it into a keto-adaptive state that’s when it changes from relying on glycogen as its main source of energy to relying on fat.
When looking at studies conducted and published on the website we find that patients on a long term ketogenic diet up to approximately 6 months showed very beneficial health impacts.
Obviously we are all unique in our genetic makeup and if there were a one size fits all approach then we would all be eating the exact same foods, doing the exact same workouts, and living the exact same lifestyle.
I think the big misconceptions out there had to do with confusion between DKA and Keto-Adaptation.
You will hear some people, even scientists who study nutrition, say that ketosis is not a normal state for the body, that it is somehow unusual, or extraordinary and only an adaptation for “emergencies” that our body goes into. There is vast amount of evidence proving that a ketogenic diet is normal and very much desirable, but one that smacks you right in the face is the fact that newborn babies are in ketosis from the start. The brain in general, although small relative to the rest of our bodies, consumes a considerable percentage of our body’s energy to grow. This suggests that our learning and development is highly supported by ketogenic metabolism.
Getting your body into a state of Ketosis basically means that your body will burn fat at an unprecedented rate. With Peak Premium WordPress theme you gonna win many readers because with the tools we have is very easy to make excellent posts, and not stop there, you can still make a blog difirentes several ways, just choose the one that best suits your site and with you. A powerful theme, better than any you’ve ever seen, more modern, easier to use, with a page-maker already has dozens of page templates pre ready. Choose where you want the sidebar, modify change, do what you want and how you want, this is the blog of the Peak WordPress Theme many tools in just one theme, it is now very easy to make a great website. Space 1lbs of fat vs the space taken up with 1lbs of muscle, this is why your measurements are important too! Cytosport - Muscle Milk Genuine High Protein Gainer Powder Drink Mix Vanilla Creme - 5 lbs. They seem to be used almost interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between burning fat and burning calories. HIIT is an absolute beast of a workout, but it’s the fastest, most efficient way to perform cardio, with sessions typically lasting between 10-15 minutes max. In theory you DO burn the highest percentage of calories from fat during low intensity, steady state cardio (e.g.
Regardless of who you are, start with a conservative intensity and gradually progress to higher speeds.
I loved how you used facts to back everything you said and the pictures still keep it interesting.
When your muscles are depleted, it’s important to shuttle nutrients in as quickly as possible — too much fiber can counteract that. I do mostly abs, chest and bicep workouts, being that those are the muscles I want to show nicely.

When making a decision to start anything it always helps to work with the right people but more importantly is the right product. I’m fortunate enough to have built awesome relationships with awesome people in this industry.
My journey started six months ago in the summer of 2015 at the pre-launch of one of the product lines called Ketopia.
For me that meant becoming a Pruver and sharing a product line that I am passionate about in all aspects.
You see since our brains can only function with ketones and glucose it was an imperative evolutionary advantage we required since our bodies can only store around 24 hours worth of glucose.
Although they might have more than enough glucose in their bloodstream it might as well not be there at all if they don’t have insulin. Keto-adaption is typically achieved through a dramatic reduction of carbohydrate intake over an extended period of time. Most notably the brain makes this transformation from being dependent on glucose to being primarily dependent on beta-hydroxybutyrate.
Not only did it significantly reduce the body weight and body mass index of the patients who participated, it also decreased the level of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and blood glucose, and increased the level of HDL cholesterol. Overwhelmingly though my research found that being in a pro-longed state of optimal ketosis showed to be very healthy. I do want to point out that each of these studies used a strict ketogenic (ketosis) diet that is very difficult for the normal person to adhere to outside of a controlled study or even your own house .
It is also a tool for people that want to follow a Keto lifestyle by reducing symptoms of the Keto flu and accelerating the use of ketones as energy, thus assisting to be Keto-adaptive more efficiently and effectively. Rarely does a nutritional based product come along that has the ability to make a measurable and substantial impact on health and wellness. Even with the moderate amount of sugar that is contained in breast milk, breastfeeding is very much ketogenic. At birth when our brains are literally at our highest rate of growth our source of food is obviously going to be as close to what nature intended and ketones are used to fuel that growth.
This is also consistent with the capability of a ketosis diet to dramatically help with a wide variety of what would seem to be unrelated brain disorders and trauma. Ever since this discovery we have been trying to unlock the secret of why breast milk is considered so much healthier for children. Historically this took nearly a week of a strict diet, detox, or days fasting to get into optimal ketosis, but not anymore. It truly the ideal state of a healthy body It is when your body starts to burn your fat at an extremely high rate. What’s needed is for your body to start ketone production at much higher rates than normal.
Remember the level of Ketones in your body will dictate how much or little your body is using fat as it’s energy source vs carbs and sugars. Calories from food and drink either get used immediately or turned into energy reserves, which are stored in fat cells. I sprint at 12.5 MPH — choose a level that’s intense and makes you run HARD, but at the same time make sure it feels safe.
Due to high demand and limited supply the product remained on back order for quite sometime. To this date (Jan 10th 2016) KetonX is still not available as a stand alone product, although they did up the quantity to a 28 day supply on Black Friday 2015, it is paired with another flagship product that if bought alone costs around $60.00 which just added to the price of the product people really were asking for.
If you would like to either sample product with a small 3 serving size or get 600 servings then click the banner below! Both fat and amino acids in our bodies can produce three ketone bodies; acetone, acetoacetone, and beta-hydroxybutyrate. If it wasn’t for ketones we would literally kill over from hypoglycemia after a single day of going without food. By dramatic reduction I’m talking about having an intake of less than 50 grams per day. This is completely different from a diabetic patient experiencing DKA and just goes to show how ill informed some of the medical community is on this subject.
They found that by extending the state of ketosis for a relatively longer period of time didn’t produce ANY significant side effects in the patients. Which is also why most of us looking to reap the rewards of being in nutritional (optimal) ketosis usually quit before we start to see any of the benefits of getting into this natural and healthy state being. The most glaring difference between babies who are breastfed and those who drink formula is that they are in a much deeper state of ketosis. The cool thing about a Ketosis Diet Plan is that you can simply measure the level of Ketones in your body by testing yourself via a urine stick. When you’re active, your body draws on recently consumed calories for fuel, and only taps into its stored energy supply (fat) once the available calories have been depleted.
For my abs workout I do 3 sets of crunches, 2 sets of reverse sit-ups, 2 sets of leg raises and a couple of other lower ab workouts. Also what do you think about 30 seconds easy pace, 30 seconds medium, and then 30 seconds all out sprint (in a pool)?
I’d follow any of our WOTMs — our Summertime Shred might be your best bet because it combines HIIT with weights and dedicated ab training.
I’ve followed the other half and watched them build something truly great in the last year.
While my business partners, customers and I were waiting for the product another company called Pruvit that had released a very similar product prior to this pre-launch was quickly ramping up. So as a counter measure our liver can take fat and extract amino acids (our basic building blocks of proteins) and turn them into ketones.

At this stage the body thinks that it is actually starving and then does what it is supposed to, make ketones from fat and proteins. Optimal nutritional ketosis (keto-adaptation) and DKA have as much in common as a lighting bug and a lightening bolt. This particular study proved that it is indeed very much safe to be in a state of optimal ketosis for a longer time frame than had previously been studied. Ketones are a high energy product of fat oxidation that deliver a more efficient and higher energy yield than glucose which makes them the ideal fuel for powering the human body. This is when the brain growth is happening extensively and the needs the most “fuel” possible.
So in this article we’ll talk about What Is Ketosis, how your body gets into this state, the science behind it, and a brand new technology that shortcuts the timeline and supercharges your results. These are energy molecules that we have in our blood (similar to blood sugar) which will fuel our brains after they have been converted from fat by our livers.
It’s a holistic approach to slashing body fat, developing your abs, and slapping on muscle mass. Then to go one level higher Pruvit was also retailing a 60 serving package for $300 where a consumer would have to currently pay $459.98 to get 56 servings (which includes the paired product). Although I did not mind the taste or texture of KetonX personally the majority of my customers were not afraid to let me know their opinions.
We use these ketones primarily to feed our brains and I think we can all agree that it’s important to feed that particular organ!
A well balanced meal plan and a proper nutritional plan play a major role in achieving optimal health! Ketones are traditionally only produced during times of prolonged fasting and therefore have been limited in their availability as an alternative energy source.
It provides an exceptional nutritional foundation to help you lose weight, feel great and perform your very best. Even though the composition of breast milk is affected by diet it’s always remained very much ketogenic in nature. It could be related to the properties of the breast milk itself or maybe it’s even related to the feeding cycles. The image below represents a typical diet which will cause weight loss by removing fat, water, and muscle vs being in optimal ketosis which will show weight loss by burning the bodies fat. I do feel that I gained a little muscle but I’d like my chest and abs to be clearly showing.
I’m still not losing belly fat (after several months) but I think it has to do with my diet.
I’ve put in time testing, marketing, and gaining priceless feedback from the ketogenic community.
Pruvit is a vehicle that is unlike anything else in the marketplace and we let the product speak for itself. None the less I had made a commitment to my business partners and customers that I was going to stand firm with the Ketopia line. With customers and distributors alike wanting to transition into Ketosis for the benefits that are so vastly documented at current date Pruvit  clearly is winning with its price points.
When ketone levels reach 15 to 25 mM, the byproduct is that the PH imbalance leads to serious metabolic derangement making the patient seriously ill. This would make since as we have evolved to make sure that our offspring get the best possible source of nutrition for the best chances of survival.
Historically the only way to get your body into Optimal Ketosis would be to completely remove carbs from your diet and go through detox process lasting 4 + days. Although my commitment was steadfast my business started to take very deep cuts in attrition of partners and consumers.
However this state isn’t possible in a person who can produce insulin, even in tiny amounts. This could mean that reason breastfeeding is linked with better health is partly due to the fact that the babies remain in a state of ketosis for a much longer period than babies that are weaned. This approach is so difficult that traditionally only the most stringent diets and fasting techniques would work so the average person was left behind. Literally all I did was sample my products and my entire first order was gone at retail within the first 24 hours after receiving it. None the less I still held firm and waited until at last in September I had received the product. The bottom line is that the product worked and I had tremendous success with it in obtaining my weight loss goals. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get my chest, biceps and especially my abs to show? Ketopia seemed at the time to be the best of the best in the weight loss industry and there was no way anything else would be able to keep up.
So as I pushed through ordering 10 day reset after 10 day reset  all at a 109+ price point and I kept losing weight. So moving into the new year with all these concerns still outstanding I reached out to some mentors for advice.

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