Often we end up in a situation that we would like to lose some weight, but not by giving up muscle mass. A rule of thumb is to take away about 250 calories per day in order to help yourself burn more calories than you eat.
In order to increase your metabolism, make sure that you keep it active throughout the day by eating small, balanced meals every 3 – 4 hours. You’ve worked hard in the gym over the last few months or years to build up your total lean muscle mass, and the last thing you want to do is go and lose it. As a result, many trainees simply go in an endless cycle of building muscle only to diet it off when they try and lose the fat that’s come on in the process.
While trying to avoid fat gain while building lean muscle is one of the most critical things you can do to avoid having to diet in the first place, you’ll never build 100% lean muscle. In this guide, we’re going to look at how you can diet down so that you preserve as much of that lean muscle mass as possible. The very first thing that you must know and remember is to never let yourself go to immediate extremes. Doing this will simply scare the body and make it more probable that it’ll hold onto body fat stores while burning up lean muscle as quickly as possible.
Either have some higher carbohydrate days in your plan each week or do a very large carb-up every week or two depending on how lean you currently are (the leaner you are, the more frequent these carb ups should be). This will provide the preferred source of fuel to your body and also help replenish muscle glycogen levels so that you can maintain intense workout sessions.
Most people will find that as they get leaner, if insufficient carbohydrates are eaten, they’ll be hungry all the time, energy will plummet, and fat loss will come to a crawl. Because of the fact that you’re taking in fewer grams of fat and carbs – the two energy providing nutrients to the body, there is a higher chance that you may begin to use some incoming protein as a fuel source. If you do, this means there is less protein left over to help with all the normal tasks protein does – including maintaining lean muscle mass. Heavy weight on the bar is what will signal to the body that it needs to maintain lean muscle mass in the face of a low calorie diet plan. Far too many people think that when fat loss is the goal, it’s time to bump up the reps and take down the weight. Instead, cut the volume of your session if you need to, but make absolutely sure that you are lifting the same heavy weight you normally do. Finally, the last training point to note is that you should be limiting the amount of excessive cardio training you’re doing. So there you have a few of the most important points to keep in mind as you go about your workout and nutrition protocol to lose fat.

When many engage in a rigorous weight loss campaign, they assume a correlation between losing weight (as indicated by the bathroom scale) and appearance improvements. Although huge bodybuilders are prime examples of individuals who can consume thousands of calories each day while maintaining very low body fat levels, you need not build bulky muscles in order to derive the associated benefits, as small quantities of additional muscle (like male and female models) enhance the rate of fat burn (through increased energy consumption) and ensures the permanency of results (by maintaining increased energy needs). In addition to reducing the speed at which you burn fat, muscle loss produces a flat, unattractive appearance, so always remember as you attempt to lose weight that you are trying to preserve muscle (which enhances metabolism and body shape), while reducing stored body fat levels.
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I’m very happy to say that I did this without costly supplements that can be harmful to your health. A lot of times when the scale tells us that we are losing weight, we are simply losing muscle mass. You don’t have to cut your calories in half; you just have to reduce your intake enough so that you don’t end up with too much energy for your body to burn. You can keep your energy levels up throughout the day by swopping out your 3 large meals with 5-7 smaller meals.
Along with a cardio workout, you should have a balanced weight training routine to target all the muscle groups in your body.
Many people believe that you cannot lose fat without losing muscle; however, with a few simple dietary and exercise adjustments, it is completely possible. Weight training is great for losing weight, but it also builds muscle so this is a crucial part of your new routine. Whether you simply want to shed 10 pounds or get contest-lean, one of the top concerns that should be on your mind is the loss of lean muscle mass. Some fat will always come on, so your effort is to minimize it, and then diet down smartly. In other words, if you were just eating 3000 calories to build lean muscle mass, don’t one day decide it’s time to diet and drop your intake down to 1500 calories. Take your calories too low and you’ll also be at a very high risk of burning up muscle mass as your body perceives the situation as a threat to survival.

As you’ll soon learn, keeping your workouts intense is another important part of maintaining lean muscle mass. While many may think that their protein intake would go down when on a fat loss diet, the opposite is true. Therefore, by providing a little more protein than you normally would, you give your body extra so that even if some is used as a fuel source, you’ll still have enough left over to maintain lean muscle tissue. Keep cardio minimized as best as possible, only adding it in when you really need to such as when you hit a fat loss plateau. If you use smart strategies, you can ensure that the weight you do lose is fat mass, not the lean muscle that took so long to build.
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This helps increase the metabolism and constantly supplies your muscles with the needed nutrients. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but also flushes out toxins and helps speed up the metabolism.
While low carb diets definitely do help, you shouldn’t remain very low carb for extended periods of time. They believe that since they’re now losing fat, they should be spending hours on the treadmill, bike, and elliptical daily. Make sure that your meals are balanced and consist of foods like lean meat, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables.
We also recommend a healthy diet, like the Manna Diet, because when you reduce or eliminate refined carbohydrates and reduce red meat consumption, you will see a drastic health improvement and weight reduction.
Keep going until you’ve reached the place where you want to hold constant to see fat loss occur.

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