But just because pet products and animal testing both involve animals, it doesn’t mean they must be tied together. In this post, I’ll list 35 cruelty-free pet food companies and give you options for dog food as well as cat food.
Advancements in technology are allowing scientists to use microchips instead of animals to test drugs, questioning the necessity of any animal testing for any purpose.
But pet food is highly regulated in the US by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Organization).
In 2003, an undercover PETA investigator filmed dreadful footage inside a feeding trial laboratory.
Since these trials are not performed on laboratory animals, they do not involve animal testing.
OK, I just checked your Nutro info above, only to be disappointed that it is indeed owned by a company whose products I do not like for their skimpy nutritional value. We would like to assure you our commitment to animals includes superior nutrition and the humane treatment of the animals involved in any necessary feeding trials.
I wanted to contact Merrick about their testing policy, since they were recently purchased by Purina. As far as I know, Natural Balance is cruelty free and they also donate money to local animal shelters.
Search by your location or postcode below to find out where you can buy Burns products in the UK and benefit from the experience and advice of your local Burns stockist. The store, which stocks a variety of pet accessories, toys, treats and the full range of Burns natural pet food was declared open by Cllr Wynne Evans, Chairman of Pembrokeshire County Council who had the task of cutting the ribbon.
Visitors including the Mayor of Narberth, Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Rogers, were treated to celebratory refreshments and took advantage of special opening offers. Store Manager Richard Mattey with assistants George Garrad and Natasha Rudge with Burns founder John Burns. We spent the day in the Houses of Parliament at the inaugural Living Wage Marketplace event! John Burns, founder and managing director of pet food manufacturer Burns Pet Nutrition, has been chosen as the winner of the Living Wage Leadership Award 2015 for the Wales region.

Our annual Dogs' Day Out attracts hundreds of visitors and raises hundreds of pounds for charities. Following our story about a seeing-eye dog who got a seeing-eye dog, we’re now happy to report on a dog who has a seeing-eye cat. Libby is not an official service cat, but she does help Cashew, a 14-year-old Lab, who’s both blind and deaf, to get around.
Designed to be search engine friendly, we receive thousands of visitors every day, the majority of visitors are based in the UK.
Because our beloved pets will ultimately consume the goods, some claim that animal testing for pet food should be necessary in order to ensure our animals’ safety. When we refer to animal testing in the pet food world, we’re talking about laboratory animals being subjected to invasive tests.
Dogs were thrown on the floor after their vocal chords were cut off and their back-leg muscles removed.
I just assumed that their animal-based food is a result of cruelty, and therefore I have to live with that guilt ?? but didn’t consider less cruel ways of acquiring their food.
I had never even thought to check if the stuff I’m feeding my dog has been tested on animals! I am not surprised but saddened to read all the academic studies that supported these experimental methods. Yes, all companies mentioned here test on animals themselves (as opposed to their parent company) as far as I know. In order to ensure the safest and most nutritional food possible, our formulas are analyzed for nutritional content. Gluten free foods are perfect for them, but I’d try to shy away from any vegan options for cats. However, I have never contacted a non-beauty company before, and the various laws for the pet food industry seem a bit less straight forward than cosmetics. Cruelty-Free Kitty is a resource for sassy animal-lovers who aim for a perfectly cruelty-free home and makeup stash.
We've rebranded and expanded our range of award-winning pet food with some great new treats for dogs.

Animals are like human, they feel pain as human feels, they hurt as human hurts too, they care as human cares and they love as human loves.
Animals are like human, they feel pain as human feels, they hurt as human hurts too, they care as human cares and they love as human loves.
UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too. The pets will be weighed daily, but there’s otherwise no change of lifestyle involved. Luckily my pet store carries halo for the same price as blue buffalo so I’ll definitely be making the switch.
Do all the companies listed as testing on animals actually do lab feeding trials, or are some included because their parent company tests other products on animals? The USDA regulates facilities used for this testing and we choose them based on their reputation and dedication to nutritional research and animal care. The big difference is that they are animals and we are human, as a human we should care them, feed them and love them. The big difference is that they are animals and we are human, as a human we should care them, feed them and love them. The footage also showed laboratory workers talking about a live cat that had been washed down the drain. If you’re choosing a vegan food for your cat, you might want to consider a taurine (or meat) supplement. I love your blog, and it’s a great resource for those of us (trying to live) living a more compassionate lifestyle.
I’m also interested in how to find out whether a company who’s not on these lists tests on animals?
If they cant give me a definite answer it is just as bad as saying they participate in testing.

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