It is ideal as a general maintenance food and contains all essential nutrients your dog will need for lifelong health and vitality. All Burns diets are formulated without ingredients which commonly cause food intolerance, such as wheat, soya, dairy, artificial colourings, artificial flavourings and artificial preservatives. Burns Original diets naturally maintain healthy skin, coat and digestion and can help manage dietary related health problems by caring for the body as a whole. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of Adams of Woodley Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy. Free next day deliveryon orders over £29 before 3pm Lowest price guaranteeFound it cheaper? We use only the highest quality sources of chicken for protein and whole grains to ensure your pet benefits from all of natures goodness.

Developed by John Burns, a respected Veterinary Surgeon, he realised that a large proportion of the problems most of the dogs in his care faced were caused by poor nutrition, and Burns Original Chicken and Rice was his clever answer to these problems a€“ providing high-class canine nutrition.
Holistic means that it treats the animal as a whole, looking after its overall wellbeing, not just targeting a specific problem, giving the dog everything it needs for its natural biology to make the most of life. Burns chose hypoallergenic ingredients a€“ those tasty bits that dona€™t provoke food intolerances of skin reactions in your dog, keeping their coat and skin healthy and their stomach digesting things smoothly. Its always avoided nasty man-made ingredients that can build up in your doga€™s biological tissue (bioaccumulation), instead favouring natural and ethical ingredients that can really benefit your dog, not harm it. It is a complete dog food, with every kind of nutritional need fulfilled so there is no need to supplement your doga€™s diet a€“ although they dona€™t mind the odd treat now and again, of course.
Swell Pets Burns Dog Food and Swell Pets make quite a team, with Burns supplying practically unparalleled quality dog food, and Swell Pets offering it out at the best prices and with fast delivery options.

Order some Burns Dog Food from Swell Pets before 3pm weekdays and enjoy the benefits of Next Working Day Delivery options and same-day despatch, on top of the great savings to be made! Needless to say I've kept her on Burns and although she's an old lady now she's still full of life between sleeps and she still looks great.

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