Morven's dog grooming, now in City Farm, West Calder EH55 8PP, offers a friendly, professional and affordable grooming service for all breeds of dogs, large and small, in our attractive and spacious grooming parlour. Bathing, shampoo and clipping, hand stripping, ear cleaning, nail clipping, hygene inspection. One of the reasons we wanted to start our lifestyle blog is because we love so many different kinds of blogs and were totally inspired by all our favourites to get scribbling ourselves. Today is Robert Burns Day, a day to commemorate the life and poetry of the Scottish bard held each year on the anniversary of his birth. Ae Fond Kiss is a romantic favourite and A Man's A Man For A' That - first published anonymously for fear of recrimination because the idea of equality between men (never mind womenfolk!) was so outrageous! You can go to a Burns supper, such as the one being held at Whiski Rooms (allowing you the opportunity for several nips of whisky throughout) where you can toast the haggis and hear some poetry - here's a list of the best Burns suppers on in Edinburgh. Think more Vivienne Westwood then Royal Mile tat - avoid pinned-together tartan mini-dresses and say yes to accents like cute kilts, bold patterned heels or a more seasonal scarf. And you can certainly do a lot worse than my mini break destination du choix in 2012, the beautiful bike-tastic city of Amsterdam. January is a month of good intentions - healthy eating, exercising, saving money and all that jazz.
Centotre have a "Skinny" January menu which means you can quite happily enjoy a posh Italian meal on George Street even if your pals are gorging on some buttery pasta - and at a budget friendly price too. Newly opened in Stockbridge, The Pantry is already becoming a firm favourite with their emphasis on locally sourced produce, which they also sell in their shop. And finally, an amazing concept which has just started up in Leith - pop-up pilates with afternoon tea!
I've just returned from a bit of a mad week in New York City and, as much as I love Edinburgh, frankly I did not want to come home. So it’s halfway through January, officially the most pants month of the year, and although that means payday is still a torturous two weeks away, that light at the end of tunnel has *just* begun to dimly flicker. Enter the v v talented Rebecca J Kaye, an Edinburgh-based designer and illustrator whose bold and beautiful prints and cards are definitely destined to gobble up my cash, and my wall space, in one fell swoop.

Pick your own payday treat from Rebecca's selection of charming prints, cards and t-shirts over at her online shop. We can offer FREE DELIVERY on many popular brands of dog food, at highly competitive prices. Ordering from us removes the hassle of carting around heavy bags of dog food or making extra trips into town to buy it. My name is Jacqui Turnbull and I am a member of the Pet Care Trade Association and Dog Groomers Association. The security of your home and any animals in my care is paramount to me and my helpers, all of whom are mature responsible people who's integrity, competence, honesty and responsibility is beyond question. There are plenty of lovely hotels in Amsterdam but like a lot of European cities, you’ll pay a pretty penny for anything fancier than a TravelLodge.
Like the UK, the Netherlands embraces an plethora of cuisines, but there are nonetheless some traditional Dutch classics you’d be well advised to get your chops around. Amsterdam is teeming with gorgeous wee independent shops, perfect for picking up a souvenir with real style.
Of course for all the insouciantly untouristy things you do, it’s still of course perfectly ok to call a spade a spade and just be a tourist. These combine a pilates session with a healthy afternoon tea served up in vintage crockery, all made by Nicola Pym who also works Cafe Domenico.
Which means of course it’s time to start making a list of totally essential items I need to buy when that sweet paycheck hits my echoing bank account come 30 Jan. For a much-needed dose of sunshine, the yolk-yellow "Pedal Power" is super cheery and just a little bit quirky without being too twee: ride up my street (boom boom). This utterly adorable selection of card designs is a veritable MENAGERIE OF CUTENESS whilst still being ok for a 28-year-old to stick up on her wall (I hope). For Edinburgh dwellers, a selection from the range is also available at the Marchmont Gallery. We can supply a wide variety of leading brands such as Burns, Iams, Bakers, Eukanuba and much more.

So why not contact us now to discuss your requirements and find out if we could save you money, time and inconvenience. Being 20 minutes from Edinburgh Air port and 40 minutes from Glasgow Airport, people travel from all over Scotland to bring their dog to home board with me and not just because I am near an airport! It does, however, mean you should leisurely enjoy Amsterdam for the absolutely picture-perfect city that it is. It's also £40 but comes in card form too if you fancy your cycle chic a little dinkier.
I think I like the geeky fox the best but they're all pretty wonderful (there's a wee hedgehog not pictured which is rather ace too).
My home is a large detached house set in an acre of ground surrounded by a six foot fence with padlocks on the gates. Especially in January, when you spend the whole month hibernating like a hamster and not keeping New Year’s resolutions.
Think lopsided houses concertinaed together on the canal banks, houseboats with colour-pop window boxes, pavement cafes, and traffic-free, tree-lined streets.
But for the cycle-shy (like myself), toolin’ aboot on a bike, trying not to fall in a canal, might not appeal. My garden backs on to a field, woodland walks and a shallow river, where I walk every day with the dogs in my care. So of course the only thing to do is to plan lovely exciting new holidays you can daydream about whilst reboiling the kettle for another hot water bottle.
And rock your very best Blue Steel for shots in front of the IAmsterdam sign…or just look like you're a bit lost, like me. Either put aside for your sweetie pie this Valentine's Day, or keep for yourself to enjoy these ampihibian cyclists' ribbiting romance up on your wall all day.

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