In a recent study, published in the journal 'NATURE', genetics experts analysed both wolf and dog DNA. For over 20 years, Burns diets, which are based on whole grains such as brown rice and maize with controlled amounts of highly digestible animal protein, have helped to maintain or improve the health of hundreds of thousands of dogs. Recently we have seen a growing trend towards feeding dogs raw food or commercially manufactured grain-free foods. The study showed that dogs, and in particular their digestive systems, have evolved since their days in the wild. Our versatile product range can provide feeding solutions for dogs of all breeds, types and ages.

The study found that a key factor in the domestication of the dog was their ability to easily digest carbohydrates and starch in food that they scavenged from rubbish dumps around early human settlements. This new genetic evidence confirms scientific knowledge about the dog’s digestive system*. Burns Real Food can also be used as an economical alternative to many Veterinary and Prescription Dietsaā€˛?. This belief, however, is a misconception based on a theory that because dogs have descended from wolves they must need the same diet as their wild ancestors.
It contains controlled, perfectly balanced portions of proteins, fats and minerals - all important substances for healthy bone and muscle development in puppies.

This Toy & Small Breed formulation is designed for smaller dogs and has higher levels of protein and fat than our other adult dog diets.
Small dogs tend to have higher metabolic rates and smaller stomachs so need to take in more calories per kilo than larger dogs to maintain a healthy weight. Fish & Brown Rice has an especially low fat and protein content and contains no wheat gluten.

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