Our friendly and knowledgeable team of nutritionists give bespoke, free advice and support to pet owners and stockists and provide product information and recommendations to veterinary nurses and vets. We have backgrounds in zoology and animal science but we hope pet owners will also be assured that our advice is always up to date. We also attend regular veterinary congresses and webinars and the information we get from these lectures is based on the most recent research on nutrition. Pet Nutrition Articles Read our collection of nutrition advice articles written by John Burns and his Pet Nutrition Team.
The British Flyball Association website has more information and a useful video about Flyball. Our natural Coltsfoot should be fed alongside hay and fresh greens (wild plants, herbs or vegetables) and a small amount of dry food as part of a healthy diet.
Coltsfoot can be fed as a really tasty, low fat treat or it can also be used to encourage your rabbit to eat more hay.
For a really healthy diet, try substituting some dry rabbit food for our Coltsfoot and other herbs. Ideally the diet of the pet rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla should mimic that of their wild cousins. Feeding amounts depend on the amount of excercise, age, breed, environmental factors an individual variation.
As pet owners ourselves, we want make sure your pet gets the best food, and you get the best advice.

We’re involved in continuous education courses, in everything from behaviour and canine massage to, of course, nutrition!
We’re then able to take this back to the office and put it to good use on the helpline.
When the dog steps on the spring-loaded box it releases the tennis ball, the dog catches the ball and runs back over the hurdles.
Ideally as the previous dog is returning over this line the next dog should be crossing the line to fetch the next ball. This stops the dogs ‘running out’ - many dogs prefer to get the ball and run back alongside the hurdles rather than over them as this is quicker! Feeding Coltsfoot and other herbs provides your rabbits with a varied and interesting diet which reflects their natural feeding habits. Try sprinkling the Coltsfoot through the hay to encourage foraging behaviour whilst making the hay tastier! Coltsfoot is naturally low in fat and high in fibre making it excellent for maintaining a regular digestive system whilst also promoting dental health.
We own several dogs and a menagerie of other animals between us (including rabbits, cats and horses). Usually two teams race side by side - the team where all 4 dogs manage to get over the jumps and back without a fault (such as dropping the ball) in the quickest time wins. The box loader must also be good at shouting as calling the dogs towards them is an important part of the job.

Coltsfoot has been used traditionally for hundreds of years for the natural support of a healthy respiratory system. Also stockists of quality pet food including Burns Pet Nutrition, loads of natural dog treats, and the cheapest big bags of eco cat litter in South Wales. If you release your dog too late you risk losing precious seconds and the other team may win. However, if you misjudge the time and release your dog too early so he has crossed the start line before the previous dog is back you will get a fault.
If you get a fault you will need to run your dog again after all four dogs have run and this costs the team time.
Young, pregnant or nursing rabbits or those housed outdoors may need more high fibre dry pelleted food. Serving the whole of South Wales including Bridgend, Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot, Pencoed, Maesteg, Aberkenfig, Cardiff, Pontypridd.

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