If you want a good qaulity food for your pet, and lets face it they deserve one then this is it.
Now that particular cat I admit is a bit greedy when it comes to food so I started to weigh everything out. Just because an animal has a total personality change as soon as they see the vets door doesn't mean they are like that all the time.After looking into where I could get some Burns I ended up ordering online from Burns direct.

One tip I was given to make sure they drank plenty was to serve the water well away from their food or litter trays and to make sure the bowl was big enough so that their whiskers didn't touch the sides. I tried this tip by leaving a bowl near their food and another bowl in another room and yes they drank out of the bowl in the other room!!Price wise people might think that it's expensive, well yes for me it would have been if I'd continued to just buy the 2kg bag not to mention it wouldn't have lasted my 4 very long.
To my knowledge she has never had any stomach problems at all, however when changing an animals food you must always do so gradually and introduce the new food over a period of no less than a week as this may lead to an upset tum.

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