If you want a good qaulity food for your pet, and lets face it they deserve one then this is it. Quality IngredientsContains all the nutrients a dog needs and avoids those which cause the build up of toxic waste in the system. Lower Feeding Costs Containing only the finest quality ingredients Burns Original is highly digestible therefore feeding amounts are lower, meaning that daily feeding costs are significantly lower than those of other premium brands. Brown Rice (67%), Chicken Meal (20%), Oats, Peas, Chicken Oil, Sunflower Oil, Seaweed, Vitamins & Minerals. Feeding amounts depend on the amount of excercise, age, breed, environmental factors an individual variation.
Feeding amounts depend on the amount of exercise, age, breed, environmental factors an individual variation.
Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and digestion, Burns Sensitive+ Duck & Brown Rice contains everything an adult dog needs for lifelong health and vitality.
Brown Rice (63%), Duck Meal (22%), Oats, Peas, Duck Fat, Sunflower Oil, Seaweed, Vitamins & Minerals.

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Read how toxic build-up can affect health in John Burns's Veterinary Health & Nutrition handbook.
It is formulated without ingredients such as wheat, soya, dairy, artificial colourings and artificial preservatives which are known to cause symptoms of food intolerance including itchy skin, digestive upset, excessive moulting, full anal glands and waxy ears. Duck is a novel protein source making this product especially suitable for dogs with intolerances to more common proteins such as chicken, lamb or fish. When used as a general maintenance diet Burns Sensitive+ Duck & Brown Rice can help to maintain healthy skin, coat and digestion.
Where dogs need a little extra help Burns Sensitive+ can be used for the management of many dietary related health problems. Now that particular cat I admit is a bit greedy when it comes to food so I started to weigh everything out.

Just because an animal has a total personality change as soon as they see the vets door doesn't mean they are like that all the time.After looking into where I could get some Burns I ended up ordering online from Burns direct. One tip I was given to make sure they drank plenty was to serve the water well away from their food or litter trays and to make sure the bowl was big enough so that their whiskers didn't touch the sides. I tried this tip by leaving a bowl near their food and another bowl in another room and yes they drank out of the bowl in the other room!!Price wise people might think that it's expensive, well yes for me it would have been if I'd continued to just buy the 2kg bag not to mention it wouldn't have lasted my 4 very long.
To my knowledge she has never had any stomach problems at all, however when changing an animals food you must always do so gradually and introduce the new food over a period of no less than a week as this may lead to an upset tum.

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