If you want a good qaulity food for your pet, and lets face it they deserve one then this is it. Burns Chicken & Brown Rice for cats of all ages is a complete food and perfect for maintaining good health.
Burns Ocean Fish for cats is a complete food for cats of all ages containing 35% of natural ocean fish together with brown rice with no added wheat, soya or GM ingredients. Urinary conditions are painful, frustrating and can even be life threatening in cats, so urgent veterinary attention should always be sought. An adequate intake of water is essential for all healthy cats, however increasing water to dilute the urine is the single most important thing you can do if your cat is prone to urinary conditions such as idiopathic cystitis.
Resource guarding is a common problem (where one cat stops the other using a bowl, litter tray or a bed) so several bowls are vital if you have more than one cat. Don’t forget that cats won’t drink water if their bowl is right next to their litter tray! Burns Original Cat food easily soaks down and makes a delicious alternative to feeding the food dry – with the benefit of no messy pouches or cans! Burns pet food is the brain child of John Burns BVMS MRCVS, a vet who advised dog owners to prepare simple home-made diets for their pets (consisting of meat or fish, brown rice and vegetables) as an alternative to the poor quality commercial dog foods he saw causing health problems. In 1993 John took this one step further (and made life a whole lot easier for us dog owners) and set up a family run pet food business creating complete diets based on his original formula. The nutritionists at Burns believe that the addition of magic ingredients in so called therapeutic products is unnecessary. Burns recipes are hypo-allergenic (less likely to trigger allergic reactions) because they use single named types of meat and grain which come from fixed sources that are never swapped for cheaper alternatives. In the same spirit of simplicity, Burns strive to keep their foods free of all artificial colourings and flavourings.  Natural mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) and Rosemary Oil are the only preservatives used to keep the food fresh and stop it from oxidising (going rancid).

The exceptional Burns Penlam Farm wet dog food is made using ingredients from John Burn’s own farm in west Wales. We also cater for most other pets including for birds, cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, amphibians and most other small pets. More recent work has shown that conditions such as idiopathic cystitis (inflammation of the bladder where the cause is unknown) could be linked to lifestyle factors such as boredom, stress and obesity. In fact, some people believe they should not be fed dry food at all because of this low thirst drive but there is no scientific proof of this. Even if the water level does not appear to be decreasing, it is important that the water is refreshed regularly. Tap water can taste strongly of chlorine and so collecting rain water may be an economical option. Since then Burn’s has continued to set the standard for simple, natural nutrition you can trust. If you provide the right ingredients the nutrients will do their job of helping your pet’s body repair and maintain itself and prevent deterioration of vital organs. Burns diets do not include wheat, beef or dairy, all common triggers for allergies in pets.
In fact, Burns was the first ever pet food company to use only natural preservatives and understand the benefits of removing chemicals from a dog’s diet which can build up as toxic waste in the system. Grain and vegetables are grown on the farm and the chicken and eggs come from free-range hens which are kept in small flocks to reduce stress levels.
Whether you're looking for a daily pet item like dog food or cat litter, or looking for something very special and different for your pet, you should find it here. Therefore, making changes to the diet and environment can help to keep your cat’s urinary tract healthy.

Lacking the urge to drink fluids also makes little sense considering their ancestors come from dry, hot countries. Consider a water drinking fountain if your cat likes to drink from a dripping tap – there are many styles available. Warm-hot water is best because the food soaks quickly and the warmth of the water brings out the aroma of the food and encourages eating (cats prefer their food at body temperature).
A good quality diet should be fed at the correct quantities and go hand in hand with an appropriate daily exercise schedule. Where possible all other ingredients are sourced from ethical producers within South Wales. The inclusion of hypo-allergenic whole grains such as brown rice is based on the fact that dogs and cats have lived with humans for many centuries and it is reasonable to expect that they have shared our grain based diet. Now that particular cat I admit is a bit greedy when it comes to food so I started to weigh everything out.
Just because an animal has a total personality change as soon as they see the vets door doesn't mean they are like that all the time.After looking into where I could get some Burns I ended up ordering online from Burns direct.
One tip I was given to make sure they drank plenty was to serve the water well away from their food or litter trays and to make sure the bowl was big enough so that their whiskers didn't touch the sides.
I tried this tip by leaving a bowl near their food and another bowl in another room and yes they drank out of the bowl in the other room!!Price wise people might think that it's expensive, well yes for me it would have been if I'd continued to just buy the 2kg bag not to mention it wouldn't have lasted my 4 very long. To my knowledge she has never had any stomach problems at all, however when changing an animals food you must always do so gradually and introduce the new food over a period of no less than a week as this may lead to an upset tum.

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