He decried the five-year prison sentences for arson handed down to two Burns area ranchers, prompting the protests, and noted that though a federal judge found that long of a sentence inappropriate, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned him, ruling that that was what federal sentencing laws required. Betsy Russell covers Idaho news from the state capitol in Boise and writes the Eye on Boise blog. Description: Ron Burns is local artist famous for his work with the Arizona Humane Society.
His skin may be red raw and sore - and cause him to look like Terminator - but this dog is happy as he has found a new home.The five-year-old, nicknamed Mr Burns by his new owners, suffered third-degree burns over 70 per cent of his body in a house fire in El Segundo, California, after his previous handler committed suicide.

The exposed skin has been likened to Arnold Schwarzenegger's damaged robot character Terminator, in the hit Hollywood films, where his mechanical insides are shown.A  The dog was inside a garage at the premises - a car transmission shop - when his female owner committed suicide by setting herself alight, which in turn turned the residence to flames.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. A rather chilly relationship: It's a picture that spoke volumes about the frostiness between Kate and Fergie's girls. Steve Pearce, R-New Mexico, noted a distinction between the Bundy brothers who are leading the armed takeover, and Dwight and Steven Hammond, the two ranchers now serving the prison term on arson charges for burning public land.

Thomas Massie, R-Kentucky, said he agrees with Labrador on sentencing reform, but noted, “We have the power to fix it in Congress.

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