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We value your privacy and never share your information, and you may withdraw your consent and unsubscribe at any time. They appreciate the benefits of living and operating a business in Burns Lake, such as being close to family and friends. New owners John, Mona and Jason Jubinville took over from the Miller’s in 2011 and have remained committed to providing the same excellent service and top quality products that the community has come to expect at P and B Feeds. P and B Feeds offers pet food for consumers who recognize the value in feeding their pets superior ingredients. It is a movement connecting people with the independent shops and services that are the heart and soul of their communities. Love Northern BC would not be possible without the outstanding efforts of local champions in each and every community. Photography for the Love Burns Lake website has been provided by Lauren Posselt, whose exceptional work is featured throughout the website. This project is funded by Northern Development Initiative Trust, an independent regional economic development corporation focused on stimulating economic growth and job creation throughout central and northern British Columbia. One of the many organisations and charities we support is the Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs.
Search Dog Handler Joy Grindrod explains why the LDMRSDA chose Burns food to power their team "We go out in all weathers, over arduous terrain to search for missing persons. LDMRSDA are an entirely voluntary organisation and rely solely on the generosity of public donations.

Learning Fields CIC, is a social enterprise based at Nag’s Head Farm, Hoff, Appleby-in-Westmorland providing environmental and educational opportunities for individuals and groups of all ages and abilities.Farm Hands at Learning Fields is a care farming facility, allowing individuals to regain confidence and learn skills by joining in tasks on the farm, while Ernie’s Shed offers an area for older rural males to socialise and undertake activities – making, repairing and growing – in a familiar environment with like minded people. Driving into Whitefish, Montana in December is like driving into a ski town postcard from the Seventies, as long as you substitute cowboy hats for toques and save the melted fromage for cheeseburgers instead of fondue.Nestled in the Northern Montana Rockies just 25 miles from Glacier National Park, Whitefish is a destination that keeps adrenalin junkies sated year-round. The town has Olympic quality cross-country skiing trails and facilities just a few minutes drive from town. Take a scenic drive to get a better appreciation of the Lakes District's scope and wildlife; catching the ferry across Francois Lake and touring the south, with its many lakes and charming farmhouses is a must.
When asked what they thought of the future of small business in Burns Lake they said, “We feel good about it. The business is a small town farm, feed, and pet supply store started in 2004 by Bill, Patsy and Amanda Miller.
Partnerships with local governments, Chambers of Commerce, economic development organizations, and more, have created enthusiastic collaboration and support for this project.
A working search dog is constantly switched on to the commands of the handler, focussed to hunt on air scent and able to keep working while most other dogs would be at home enjoying a night by the fire. In the winter, participate in a snowmobile drag race or attend one of many shows at the Festival of Performing Arts. They can often be found in their spare time snowmobiling, camping and enjoying horseback poker rides. Their hard work resulted in a successful business which expanded and relocated to new premises in 2006.
A dog that isn’t given the correct nutrition would find it difficult to cope with the intensity and duration of searching that we require.

He’s onto something, though, because a mocha stop here will help you power through any weather. Pick some berries along the way, and prepare for sightings of other wildlife such as moose, bear, and deer. And the warmth of Whitefish residents melts away any remaining frosty residue.The view is a constant reminder of why we drove six hours from Calgary to be here (the winter roads added an hour to the travel time, but the border was a breeze). The many lakes in the area offer the perfect opportunity for ice fishing – and the Burns Lake Visitor Centre has a free Rod Loan program available for visitors without equipment. Tomorrow is the opening day of the season at Whitefish Mountain Resort.Even from the less scenic side, the Lodge at Whitefish Lake looks good. I first discovered George Rodrigue’s cute canine in a Carmel, California gallery and have been hooked ever since. The Cajun connection (George is from Louisiana) makes sense at a restaurant known for its New Orleans cuisine.The room itself has nooks and crannies character, including a back booth you have to shimmy along the bench to get to the end.
All are discreetly for sale.The Averills take their art so seriously that even the main floor ATM blends into the aesthetic. And fyi, if you want skinny fries to be part of your steak frites experience, the waiter will make it happen.Finally, if you still have an ounce (have I ever mentioned how anti-metric I am?) of strength left after Day 1 on your Whitefish Winter Weekend that includes a multi-national road trip to get here, make a stop at the Ultimate Safeway.
More importantly, it has a wonderful vino selection to stock that duo-temperature-zone wine cellar back in your room at the Lodge.

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