Congratulations to Burns Pet Food on leading the way on the Living Wage and becoming the Wales Living Wage Champion. Company partner John Burns and staff Katie and Sally came to Parliament this week to take part in the Living Wage Market, organised by the Living Wage Foundation.
We spent the day in the Houses of Parliament at the inaugural Living Wage Marketplace event! John Burns, founder and managing director of pet food manufacturer Burns Pet Nutrition, has been chosen as the winner of the Living Wage Leadership Award 2015 for the Wales region.

Our annual Dogs' Day Out attracts hundreds of visitors and raises hundreds of pounds for charities. The pet food firm, which is based in Kidwelly, is a major employer in the area, and pays all of its 110 employees at or above the Living Wage. We've rebranded and expanded our range of award-winning pet food with some great new treats for dogs.
As well as making and distributing nutritious pet food, Burns also has a high quality farm foods shop in Kidwelly, stocking fresh locally grown produce.

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