In a recent study, published in the journal 'NATURE', genetics experts analysed both wolf and dog DNA. For over 20 years, Burns diets, which are based on whole grains such as brown rice and maize with controlled amounts of highly digestible animal protein, have helped to maintain or improve the health of hundreds of thousands of dogs.
Recently we have seen a growing trend towards feeding dogs raw food or commercially manufactured grain-free foods.
The study showed that dogs, and in particular their digestive systems, have evolved since their days in the wild. The winning formula is just simple, natural pet food, developed by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns, which promotes a healthy digestive system, skin and coat as well as being extremely easy to digest. The cookie settings on this website are adjusted to allow all cookies so that you have the very best experience.
If you are on holiday, we can make it look like your still home, we can open and close curtains, switch lights on and off. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Here's the latest update from Louise Caldwell about what JJ and Trinity have been getting up to over these cold winter days! Then we were made to work for our dinner as well so our kibble was soaked then stuffed into Kongs and frozen!
We were still dragged out in the rain, but a lot of our time was spent at Action Petz in Cardiff which is a indoor dog park where you can run and play with other dogs and not get wet! Understanding the nutritional requirements of your pet can be a daunting task, but remember, you are not alone.
Containing only the finest quality ingredients Burns Weight Control+ is highly digestible therefore feeding amounts are lower, meaning that daily feeding costs are significantly lower than those of other premium brands.
From our specialist range, Burns Weight Control+ is a complete, low fat, higher fibre food for all adult dogs and seniors. Oats (55%), Brown Rice (18%), Chicken Meal (17%), Peas, Chicken Oil, Seaweed, Vitamins & Minerals.

Burns pet food is the brain child of John Burns BVMS MRCVS, a vet who advised dog owners to prepare simple home-made diets for their pets (consisting of meat or fish, brown rice and vegetables) as an alternative to the poor quality commercial dog foods he saw causing health problems.
In 1993 John took this one step further (and made life a whole lot easier for us dog owners) and set up a family run pet food business creating complete diets based on his original formula. The nutritionists at Burns believe that the addition of magic ingredients in so called therapeutic products is unnecessary. Burns recipes are hypo-allergenic (less likely to trigger allergic reactions) because they use single named types of meat and grain which come from fixed sources that are never swapped for cheaper alternatives.
In the same spirit of simplicity, Burns strive to keep their foods free of all artificial colourings and flavourings.  Natural mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) and Rosemary Oil are the only preservatives used to keep the food fresh and stop it from oxidising (going rancid). The exceptional Burns Penlam Farm wet dog food is made using ingredients from John Burn’s own farm in west Wales. The study found that a key factor in the domestication of the dog was their ability to easily digest carbohydrates and starch in food that they scavenged from rubbish dumps around early human settlements. This new genetic evidence confirms scientific knowledge about the dog’s digestive system*. If you continue without changing your cookie settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. We are very lucky as we have lots of Nina Otterson mind puzzles, so we'd have all our breakfast in the puzzles. We also did lots of clicker training in the huge space available and they also have agility equipment there too. Conventional medicine by comparison expects problems to develop, considers illnesses to be random and indiscriminate, something over which we have little control. It is formulated without ingredients such as wheat, soya, dairy, artificial colourings and artificial preservatives which are known to cause symptoms of food intolerance including itchy skin, digestive upset, excessive moulting, full anal glands and waxy ears.
Made with whole grain oats that are high in soluble fibre, Weight Control+ is ideal for overweight dogs, hungry dogs and diabetic dogs. Since then Burn’s has continued to set the standard for simple, natural nutrition you can trust.

If you provide the right ingredients the nutrients will do their job of helping your pet’s body repair and maintain itself and prevent deterioration of vital organs. Burns diets do not include wheat, beef or dairy, all common triggers for allergies in pets.
In fact, Burns was the first ever pet food company to use only natural preservatives and understand the benefits of removing chemicals from a dog’s diet which can build up as toxic waste in the system.
Grain and vegetables are grown on the farm and the chicken and eggs come from free-range hens which are kept in small flocks to reduce stress levels. This belief, however, is a misconception based on a theory that because dogs have descended from wolves they must need the same diet as their wild ancestors.
Whether you need in-depth advice on managing specific health problems or simply fine tuning feeding amounts, Burns has the experience and knowledge to help. Natural Health Care does, however require us to accept the responsibility for health and wellbeing, but this is not difficult when these principles are applied. This food contains high levels of low GI complex carbohydrates which release glucose slowly, helping to naturally manage blood sugar levels.
A good quality diet should be fed at the correct quantities and go hand in hand with an appropriate daily exercise schedule. Where possible all other ingredients are sourced from ethical producers within South Wales. The inclusion of hypo-allergenic whole grains such as brown rice is based on the fact that dogs and cats have lived with humans for many centuries and it is reasonable to expect that they have shared our grain based diet.
Here the "correct conditions" mean correct lifestyle of which correct diet is the most important and also the one which is the easiest to control.

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