In a recent study, published in the journal 'NATURE', genetics experts analysed both wolf and dog DNA.
For over 20 years, Burns diets, which are based on whole grains such as brown rice and maize with controlled amounts of highly digestible animal protein, have helped to maintain or improve the health of hundreds of thousands of dogs.
Recently we have seen a growing trend towards feeding dogs raw food or commercially manufactured grain-free foods. The study showed that dogs, and in particular their digestive systems, have evolved since their days in the wild. The winning formula is just simple, natural pet food, developed by Veterinary Surgeon John Burns, which promotes a healthy digestive system, skin and coat as well as being extremely easy to digest.
Greenwoods wet ferret food was developed specifically to provide ferrets with the correct nutrition.

Premium quality adult dog food containing organic chicken, organic brown rice, seasonal vegetables, vitamins & minerals.
The study found that a key factor in the domestication of the dog was their ability to easily digest carbohydrates and starch in food that they scavenged from rubbish dumps around early human settlements.
This new genetic evidence confirms scientific knowledge about the dog’s digestive system*.
Made with chicken hearts, low fat chicken meat and nutritious chicken offal for a protein rich diet enriched with taurine. Ferrets have an increased energy demand and as they have a shorter digestive tract than dogs or cats, they get energy primarily from eating meat. This belief, however, is a misconception based on a theory that because dogs have descended from wolves they must need the same diet as their wild ancestors.

Please serve Greenwoods Ferret Food at room temperature and make sure that your pet always has fresh drinking water available. They are ethically produced and made using as many ingredients from the Burns' own farm as possible.

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