I got an e-mail from a reader recently asking about the relative calorie consumption of biking versus running.
As for the reader who asked about cycling versus running, the most useful thing I found was this 2005 paper from the University of Cape Town. After Years of trying to lose those last few pounds and with none of those “2 day” fad diets doing the trick, I decided to sign up to a 6 week program in NRG Gym.
With weekly updates with Tina she was there to give you that extra push when things were getting …Mags Kelly ‘Sharon was the first person I met when I joined NRG last November. Looking for a low impact workout that targets the core & aids with flexibility & muscle recovery? The 'Thin Ice' weight loss clothing vest is designed with a very simple yet innovative approach to helping wearers to lose unwanted weight.
When worn, the 'Thin Ice' weight loss clothing vest can burn up to 1,000 calories a day and is controlled via an easy to use app. Using typical calculators like the Compendium of Physical Activities, he felt as though there was a big mismatch in effort between the two activities for a given rate of calorie burning.

They looked at estimated energy expenditure based on heart rate for submaximal exercise (basically below lactate threshold), and found that calorie consumption had a linear dependence on heart rate — and interestingly, the same relationship appeared to hold for both running and cycling.
She set up an exercise program for me and with the combination of exercise and diet I could see the results in a matter of days. She’s very open,friendly and approachable and I always feel that I can ask her for advice with my own workouts if I see her! Instead of keeping heat in and forcing the wearer to sweat off the weight, the 'Thin Ice' vest works by cooling the person off. The 'Thin Ice' vest strategically works by cooling certain parts of the body that have higher fat concentrations to shed unwanted weight faster. This implies that if you cycle at the same heart rate that you run, you’re burning roughly the same number of calories (again, as long as the effort is aerobic).
Her encouragement, constant motivation and tailored training programmes have been inspirational. I’ve noticed a big difference in myself since my assessment with her too and the days are really varied so I don’t get bored!

Please have another body balance class during the week!Anne TynanIn July 2011 I joined NRG as a very unhealthy 18 stone.
The Peltier-based cooling system simulates the effects of ice on the body, which in turn forces the body to react by creating heat and releasing fat cells in the process. I wrote a guest post about this topic a couple of years ago for Yoni Freedhoff’s blog, Weighty Matters, and I decided to revisit it for my Globe and Mail column this week.
Nearly six months on, I am much lighter, fitter and above all happier – for that I give Sharon all the credit!
Since then I have completed 4 marathons and 3 half marathons within the space of 7 months and have achieved a best time of 3 hrs 34 mins.
Most importantly, I developed good habits with food and exercise over the 6 weeks that I can carry forward.

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