January 9, 2013 47 Comments As I said in my Happiness Video I am usually quite adverse to material possessions.
As I mention in the video there is a huge difference in the amount of calories burned depending on what type of activity I’m doing. For running – the Polar helped me see that RunKeeper’s calories burned were significantly lower than what I was actually burning! The monitor is SO easy to use (I can be a total dunce figuring out gadgets) and I had it out of the box and ready to workout in 2 minutes.
I know many of you are working toward Health related goals for the New Years and I can’t think of a better treat for yourself to help keep you motivated than the Polar monitor. Disclaimer: I was provided the Polar FT40 through Fitfluential LLC in exchange for my honest review. I also have the Body Media arm band and I think I prefer the Polar just because I can always see how many calories I’ve burned during a workout!
I have a garmin forerunner10 that I got for Christmas but there’s so much snow here that I haven’t been able to use it!
The first time I lost weight (about 20 lbs in high school) I was taking step aerobics as my gym credit in school and going to a ladies gym after to do cardio kickboxing. I’m kinda depressed to see that Banish Fat Boost Metabolism only burns about 300 calories. But, keep in mind, with my weight and fitness level I don’t burn calories as much as other people do. May 7, 2013 31 Comments I can’t remember the last time I had so many requests for a DVD review! The DVD is broken down into three segments and it is recommended you use a set of 3 to 8 pound weights. It kept my heart rate up almost the entire workout, hit every part of my body and burned more calories than any other DVD I own.
The first time I did it I was surprised that the Core section only included about 10 minutes of core work. Core is my favorite area to workout, but my six pack is comfortably hidden under a thin layer of cushion at all times. This is a tough question because I have so many different DVDs and I love them for so many different reasons! Initially I found it hard to follow as well, but after a few tries I got the hang of it and now love it. Honestly so many of them were new to me I’m not even sure what names she would use for the moves! I still mainly work out with Jillian, tried Insanity, but found it way to hard for now, will come back to it in a months time.
Backcover Description: Boost your body’s calorie-burning power and lose up to 5 pounds a week! Fire up your metabolism with TV’s top trainer, Jillian Michaels, and lose big with her fierce formula that adds strength and ab moves to dynamic cardio for increased fat loss. Cardio Circuit: Broken into seven 6-minute circuits, each move challenges your body to torch the metabolism, burn mega fat and drop unwanted pounds.

Check out this week's Functional Fitness Motivational Moment!Learn more Age Reversing & Weight Loss Tips every Thursday here by Suzanne Andrews.
For those of you who have done the Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD you know what an absolute killer it is. It has absolutely motivated me to workout harder in my routines so I can keep my heart rate up and it’s also given me a new enthusiasm for doing all of my home DVD’s (which I was getting pretty bored with) since I can now see how much I was burning with each one!
I got a Body Media arm band, so I’ve been using that, and I love how that tracks your calories for everything, as well.
I know you do a lot of workout videos but my favorite intensity work out is cardio kickboxing.
Also, I just read last night in my Health magazine that people who did strength exercises for 15 minutes burned an extra 100 calories a day for THREE days after!
Now that I’ve used it for a month I can’t imagine working out without one ever again! I’m happy in either zone, fat burned, calories burned … whatever keeps me happy in my skinny jeans! I think I’m partial to the Polar just because I’m really most concerned with calories burned (versus steps taken etc) and Polar seems to be doing the best job at tracking that! This February will mark my 1 year anniversary and, if my knee cooperates, I’m celebrating it early with my first half marathon! It’s my favorite area to workout because it was the biggest source of self-consciousness when I was overweight. It’s taken me 4+ years of collecting to get that many though, and it is still way cheaper (and more convenient to me) then a gym! It was a great cardio workout, and I think I’ll try it while holding 3 lb weights next time to get more strength work in as well! This 40-minute circuit workout blasts your heart rate with challenging intervals to turn up the burn and melt off the pounds.
As always, Jillian is definitely “forceful,” but she's also surprisingly supportive (she really wants you to succeed).
I was pretty surprised that I didn’t even break 300 calories in almost an hour of working out but look at that even split of calories burned from fat burn and fitness (cardio). Ever since I started using the Polar I eat a bit more on long run days and slightly less than I was on strength days. So, you do continue to burn more calories after strength and you don’t get that same after effect from cardio.
The moves were easy to follow and she included a lot of great combination moves that I’ve never seen before. Then, I did the workout again yesterday and realized that she really does work your core the entire workout.
I don’t mind some crunches here and there, and maybe a plank, but that’s about it! I did everything I could to hide my stomach when I was obese and I think that’s why I’m so crazy about working it out now!
I plan to get back to it next week when I get back from a vacation — I’ll have to check this one out, too!

Tracey is using a lot yoga elements, and as a huge yoga fan I find it a little irritating. I tried Total New Body first and was a bit overwhelmed, then I got the Beginners DVD and found that much better to start off with. Whether you’re just getting started, or ready for a hard-core workout, reveal a ripped, lean body!
The cardio segments feature non-dancy, athletic moves like kickboxing, calisthenic jacks and plyometric jumps. I’d like to learn your take on the fat burn and fitness zones and how to look at them when working out. Her personality is upbeat without being obnoxious and she really know’s what to say to keep you motivated. I heard that you have over 25 DVDs – would be great to read your overview of all of them, your top chart, etc. I heard that the fat burn zone doesn’t actually exist or work, would you agree with this? I use a fitbit but am very aware that it can’t possibly track accurate calories as it only bases it on steps.
I own all of her Booty Barre DVD’s and was excited to check out this Functional Intensity Training workout. The workout is the perfect mix of cardio to burn calories and strength training to get those sexy arms, abs and legs!
So, don’t be surprised if the core section seems to go by really  quickly and just remember to draw attention to your ab muscles from the beginning and I promise you’ll feel it! As for my DVD collection, I typically only use the one’s listed in the chart on this page now. Jillian skillfully alternates upper and lower-body exercises to keep your heart rate elevated and your blood pumping.
For maximum results, each circuit is done once, then repeated at a slightly higher intensity (“with intention”).
I love fitness and have even taken up running in the past year, which I would have never believed, but I have problems with food.
Added to this is that I have very bad digestive issues…I believe I need to try out an elimination diet, but very unsure. All I can do is keep trying to make one good decision at a time and put one foot in front of the other, literally!
I heard of this book “The Plan” that makes sense and about a 2 day detox type of regime, etc.

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