There are some great reasons why Asian countries have been drinking green tea for thousands of years. Cancer Prevention – Asian countries that drink a lot of green tea tend to have significantly lower cancer risk than other countries that do not drink green tea.
Weight Loss – more studies need to be done on how effective green tea is on weight loss, but is thought that the Catechins that are found in the green tea create a thermogenic response in the human body. If you purchase or green tea from a grocery store, then it’s very likely that the green tea is in its own individual packages.
The quality of green teas and grocery stores can vary greatly but are almost always inferior to buying loose green tea. Some people do not enjoy the taste of green tea because it tends to be bitter and grassy flavor. Everybody wows at a pair of washboard abs and though it’s not the healthiest thing in the world, many people want to have them. The truth is that if you want to really show those washboard abs, you have to focus on your diet.
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Black tea is allowed to oxidize after it is picked, but green tea is immediately heated up to prevent this oxidation process. It is only become more popular within the last decade for its antioxidant and health benefits. Not only does green tea quench the thirst, but it also has many antioxidant properties which can ward off cancer as well as protect your cardiovascular system. In studies, green tea has been shown to protect the liver from toxic substances such as alcohol. Many of the chemicals in green tea have been used for thousands of years to reduce the symptoms of flu and colds. I personally enjoy the taste of green tea and I drink it completely straight with no added sugars or other substances.

Granted, the caffeine level is about one third the amount of a coffee, but if you’re drinking six or 7 cups of green tea a day then you will feel the caffeine’s effects. Some people find green tea soothing and it helps them sleep, while others have a very difficult time falling asleep.
The logic is that doing crunches for a few months should yield satisfactory results, but studies show that the effect of abdominal exercises on burning fat on that area is very small.
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You can see this oxidation process happen on an Apple that is been sliced (The brown of the apple). Since these are two of the main contributors to heart disease, studies have shown that green tea can prevent heart disease from forming. Green tea can lower your cancer risk anywhere from 20 to 50% depending on the type of cancer. Evidence is also piling up about how green tea can slow the aging process by boosting the immune system. I highly recommend you do this as it can be much cheaper and higher-quality than what you get at the stores. You put your loose tea within the ball and then steep it like you would any other store-bought tea.
If you find you don’t enjoy the taste of green tea, a good solution would be to put a bitter honey in it to sweeten the green tea up. It is especially important for people that are sensitive to caffeine to be careful with the amount they are drinking. If you are sensitive to the caffeine and it keeps you awake, try not to drink green tea and hour before you are planning to go to bed. You can also get aid from food supplements, but don’t overdo it – they won’t do the work for you.
Please consult your physician before implementing any new diet, exercise, and dietary supplement programs, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking prescribed medications.

There are many other types of foods that help cleanse the liver, but green tea is a big player in the cleansing process.
After doing more research, I discovered that green tea is very well known at reducing intestinal gas and is also good at treating inflammation of other digestive disorders such as ulcers and other diseases such as Crohn’s disease.
Otherwise you might have tight abdominal muscles and since they will be covered in fat, they won’t show.
A caloric deficit combined with cardiovascular work should be a great way to get things going. The statements made in this website are for educational purposes only and are not meant to replace the advice of your physician or health care provider. These antioxidants stop the inflammatory response which is associated with damaged DNA, cancers, and other diseases. Some Japanese studies have shown that if you drink at least 4 cups of green tea a day, it can lower your chance of developing heart disease by over 50%. Leaving the Tea-ball in for 3 to 5 minutes is usually enough to get all the antioxidants extract into the tea. On top of that you will have to do some abdominal exercises, but don’t think that they’ll be the one giving you the best results.
These antioxidants also help actors dilators to the blood vessels, which helps lower blood pressure and reduce the chance of clogging of your arteries. These are still not the “totally unhealthy” body fat percentages, but they get close to that scale. Too skinny is also not good, especially since your body needs some level of fat to function properly.
This is because green tea goes through very little processing which allows the antioxidants to remain intact.

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