In fact, we’d like to see secessionist movements continue until all seven billion people on Earth have seceded from forced ownership by a violent and thieving cartel called government. I can make the case, Dave, gold and silver may never have been cheaper than they are at the bottom in this cycle compared to the amount of money, and particularly debt, in the world.
It’s becoming more apparent on a daily basis that the Federal Reserve is attempting to exert complete control over the markets. But focusing all your time and energy on the wrong priorities can leave you just as ill-prepared as if you had done nothing at all. City Prepping shares his top 6 priorities for being ready – starting with the most obvious necessities and working towards an expanded plan for survival in case of the worst. Whether or not you agree with his specific order of operations, starting with a solid foundation and working towards the more extravagant possibilities is a good way to plan and develop skills.
Several years ago, when I was working on my book Power Plays, I spent a lot of time thinking about the future of energy. While solar power is growing rapidly, we still use about 100 times as much energy in the form of oil (and about 90 times as much in the form of coal).
If you allow someone to pump hours of “programming” into your mind every single day, it is inevitable that it is eventually going to have a major impact on how you view the world. The strong performance of the UK car industry stands out in contrast to the difficulties in some other manufacturing sectors, such as steel, at present. Have any of these economic illiterates ever considered that stimulus is the problem, not the solution? Indianapolis -- There isn't going to be much change on the Packers' roster this off-season, especially on offense.

Many a-list celebs have tones of fame but their fortunes are small potatoes compared to these folks, the billionaires.
The story of millionaire Simon Cowell, who dropped out of school at 15, worked for Sony BMG and EMI Music. Our roundtable guests talk about their roles as agents and being acknowledged by their clients. The world knows Valeria Lukyanova as the girl who turned herself into a real-life Barbie doll. As much as we would like to think this is a straightforward sociopolitical event, we cannot. It’s becoming more apparent to more people that same cadre of insider elitists who are rigging the stock market also do their best to rig the political process.
One thing I concluded was that solar power would become one of the world’s most important sources of energy – if not eventually the most important source of energy. But first, I should make it clear that it will be a long time before solar power rivals the consumption of oil in the global energy market. In America today, the average person consumes approximately 10 hours of information, news and entertainment a day, and there are 6 giant media corporations that overwhelmingly dominate that market.
Even as you are reading this article the television might be playing in the background or you may have some music on.
Car production in April was up over 16pc on a year ago, contributing to an increase of over 10pc this year so far.
But , there is a reasonable chance Green Bay loses its all-time receiving leader, Donald Driver.

It is part of a larger story, one that involves increasing chaos as this year moves forward. In fact, it has been estimated that somewhere around 90 percent of the “programming” that we constantly feed our minds comes from them, and of course they are ultimately controlled by the elite of the world. According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the UK is on course to produce a total of over 2 million cars and light vans in 2020 – surpassing the previous production record of just over 1.9 million set back in 1972. NO MATERIAL HERE CONSTITUTES "INVESTMENT ADVICE" NOR IS IT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STOCKS, COMMODITIES, OPTIONS, BONDS, OR FUTURES. Only a few members of Congress have been permited to read it, and they are not permitted to speak about it.
So is there any hope for our country as long as the vast majority of the population is continually plugging themselves into this enormous “propaganda matrix”? In fact, there are people out there that become physically uncomfortable if everything is turned off and they have to deal with complete silence. If the current rate of growth is sustained, however, the UK could pass the 2 million production mark as early as 2018 – the year after next. ACTIONS YOU UNDERTAKE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF ANY ANALYSIS, OPINION OR ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS SITE ARE YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY.
In other words, although Congress has no information except rumor with which to support the bill, Congress is going ahead.

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