The sliding seat helps you to move away from the platform while pulling the bar towards your chest. In order to avoid any injuries, you should perform warm up exercises properly before you get on the rowing machine. In order to get to the required exercise speed, gradually increase the intensity of the workout from the start.
Allow small intervals say ten to twenty minutes, in your workouts to fluctuate between the high and low intensities for better results. Instead of performing rowing motion for one hour at a stretch, you can include other cardiovascular exercises and execute a circuit workout like rowing machine, treadmill, stair climber for 60 seconds, exercise bike, elliptical machine and jump rope for 60 seconds. The rowing machine is considered to be an effective exercise machine that is helpful in promoting weight loss. How To Lose Weight Using A Rowing Machine Compound Exercise Exercises on a Rowing Machine are considered to be compound movements as they recruit several muscle fibres in order to perform the movement. The exercise performed on the rowing machine is known to stimulate more than 12 different kinds of muscle fibres of the back. Aerobic exercise is associated with the increase in the pulse, which ranges between 60-70 percent of the maximum heart rate. Physical Fitness Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for physical fitness professionals, athletes, trainers, and those providing health-related needs. I was used to doing running and cycling but now I want to work more on my abdominal muscles.
When you row, you do trunk and hip flexion, which are the ab-targeting motions of a sit-up; however, the resistance is in the opposite direction as in a sit-up. Actually, there is something major missing from the replies you have been given, Fred, relating to how rowing machines (as opposed to rowing with oars) affect the abdominal muscles. It is quite natural on a rowing machine to draw the pulley baton all the way into the stomach with some momentum at the finish of the stroke, with prior flexing of the abs in order to take the fairly light impact. This abs flex built into the rowing stroke is very effective in stimulating the abs and the whole core, and so I would disagree that rowing is not an excellent way of developing the abs. Indeed, in an hour of moderate rowing, you will do the moderate ab flex as many 1800 times (3 strokes per calorie, total 600 cals).

The important thing is to not overdo the momentum or to be late in timing the flex, otherwise you will end up winding yourself and perhaps even bruising your abs.
But good technique throughout the rowing stroke is necessary in order to avoid injury and get the most from the exercise. It is also possible to modify your stroke on a rowing machine to recover using your core and hip fold instead of hauling yourself in with your hamstrings and momentum. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged exercise-equipment abdominals or ask your own question. If you have carefully seen boat rowing in movies or videos, you will certainly know how to move your body while rowing a boat. It is cardiovascular machine that helps in burning lots of calories and also helps in toning certain muscles like hamstring, glutes, biceps, latissimus dorsi and hamstrings. It is better to include dynamic stretches and movements in your warm up as they will help in easing the muscles and the joints.You warm up routine must include shoulder rotations, arm circles, side bends, arm crossovers, spinal rotations, shoulder shrugs, alternating toe touches, walking lunges and ankle bounces.
Sitting on the seat, grab the rowing bar with both hands and place your feet upon the platform such that they are shoulder-width apart from each other. The fat loss benefits offered by the rowing machine are highly dependent on the time period of the workout as well as the number of times you repeat the exercise. Rowing Machines are known to be effective in promoting fat loss as they recruit many muscle fibres as compared to other exercises.
If you perform the exercise on the rowing machine for more than 30 minutes, you will begin to experience the weight loss benefits of this exercise equipment.
This means that you'll actually target the low back, glute muscles, and hamstrings (these muscles do hip and trunk extension--scroll down to below the "Thoracic, Lumbar" header for images). As you can see and Barbie also explained, the only moment you use your abs, is during the recovery.
Indeed, for a whole body workout, this final addition to the technique covers one of the key aims of many exercisers, to stimulate the core and abs as part of a general aerobic workout.
Now, a rowing machine with resistance exactly imitates the rowing motion to work upon specific muscles in your body. If you want to lose weight using this machine then you need to perform the rowing motion in its proper form.

Maintain this pace throughout the workout and after you are complete allow your body to cool down.While cooling down perform the same stretching exercises as you did during the warm up session.
As compared to staying at a moderate intensity for a longer period of time, you will definitely burn more calories if you maintain high intensity workout for few minutes.
Exercises on the Rowing Machine are also beneficial for functional fitness, thereby enabling you to live an energetic lifestyle.
Aerobic According to several fitness experts, the body begins to burn fat when any physical activity is performed for more than 20 minutes. There are many fitness experts that suggest that you should perform rowing exercise for more than 45 minutes for maximum benefits. That said, according to this study, you do use your abs (rectus abdominus and obliques) at the very end of your rowing motion to slow down the trunk extension movement, so you do probably use them a little bit more than on other cardio machines.
The rest of the time you use a whole lot of muscles, but mostly the extensors of your back and legs and the flexors of your arms. Given below are some of the reasons behind the fat loss benefits offered by the Rowing Machine. Aerobic exercise is considered to be the kind of exercise which involves the performing of low-intensity physical exercise, which is known to last longer than 30 minutes. Endurance Muscular Endurance is considered to be capacity of the muscles of your body to carry out muscular contractions for long periods of time. If you use light resistance when performing the rowing exercise, you will begin to develop muscular endurance.
According to American College for Sports Medicine, if a person weighing one hundred and eighty pounds rows at a moderate intensity for one hour, he is bound to burn at least five hundred and seventy calories. It has been stated that the repetitions that range from 15-25 reps are extremely helpful in boosting muscular endurance.

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