If you haven’t heard of diuretic foods yet, you’ve been missing out on a great way to lose weight.
But they also can help with lowering blood pressure and simply ridding your body of excess water is a very healthy thing to do. They might not be the best tasting food, but your parents weren’t wrong when they told you to eat them. Adding lemon to your beverages can help lower blood pressure and help with several other health conditions. Kale is one of the best things to eat for weight loss and they are a diuretic food that can be combined with many other veggies and fruits in the juicer. Adding a bit of ginger root to your food or water can give you quite a few benefits with just a tiny amount. Eggplant is a great side if you want to lose weight, and some people even make a beverage from it for weight loss. Parsley is usually used for decoration but it contains a bunch of antioxidants and has other benefits for weight loss. Cabbage not only helps with weight loss when juicing, it also has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.
Cucumber is another food that is perfect for hydration and weight loss, particularly for detoxing because of how much water they contain. Again, lots of water gets rid of the salt and excess fluids in the body, but be careful not to eat too much because it is sweet and can cause glucose spikes. Carrots are amazing for weight loss as well as eyesight and other health problems, and they are great for juicing as well. This is quite the controversial statement to be coming from a health coach who loves to help women to lose weight, right? I was underweight for my height, had no muscle tone whatsoever on my body, and my face looked gaunt.

At those times, when I now can see I was actually suffering from disordered eating and body image issues, I thought I looked great. It even pissed me off, because I felt like I had worked hard to get looking the way I had, I had made some serious sacrifices with foods, had controlled my eating (so that I basically wasn’t eating!) and exercised enough that my calorie intake was less than my output. In those days, I had a rake-like figure- when my body loses weight it melts away from my butt and bust, making my healthy curvacious body into one that resembles a plank, not an hourglass. I kept track of how many calories I had eaten and how much exercise I would need to do to get below that count each day. What I want is to be healthy and happy and to feel good in my skin and for who I am and what I do. In this healthy-not-skinny state of being, I never count calories, instead choosing to eat as much as I like so long as the food is organic, whole food- fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains and pulses.
In following this lifestyle my immune system is strong and my body and mind is healthy, I feel good about my life and myself, I have fun without self-imposed pressure and restraints, don’t feel guilty if I let loose one day (because I know I will be healthy again the next), I enjoy myself and the company of friends, and love the skin I am in. For me to be skinny it requires too much restriction and deprivation and guilt and missing out on the happy parts of life where I should feel good. Being larger than I am now is also not a nice place to be on the continuum as that means I’m not looking after myself and not treating my body with respect. Would you like to breeze through dinner time and make healthy and tasty meals every day? But knowing that you should be juicing is not enough, because without knowing exactly what you should be juicing, you may not reach your weight loss goals anyway.
Diuretic foods are those that help your body to stop retaining water, and they can do amazing things for someone who is trying to lose weight. Celery is a veggie with a lot of water in it and it will help you urinate more frequently and lose weight faster.
I loved that I could fit into skinny jeans and short-shorts, and wouldn’t listen when people told me that they thought I was too-thin, and would probe was I okay, was I sick?

My weight still fluctuates up and down a few kilos, but in the past 5 years it has never got to the point where I am overweight (which I have also been before!) or underweight. When I eat now, I’m making conscious choices that are based on eating nutritionally dense healthy foods that will taste good and be good to my body. I exercise because I want to, because it sends endorphins coursing through me which make me feel great, and I get to spend time at the gym with my husband while we work out together.
But I am toned and in proportion and feel sexy with my curvy waist, full bust and blossoming butt.
It was difficult for me to share this post but I felt it was necessary because I think that we as women are particularly hard on ourselves and how we look, so much pressure to be thin when actually we can be gorgeous and happy by just being healthy!
I had this little book that I could look-up to find out the calorie content of everything that I ate (which wasn’t much!) and I’d record it in a notebook that I carried around with me all day.
I felt like I could control my life by controlling my food, and that I would be loved by everyone if my body was thin enough. I was all-consumed by food, what to eat, what not to eat, and feeling guilty when I felt like I had stuffed up.
But I also allow myself days or nights when the mood or occasion strikes to enjoy a coffee, or a wine, or something which isn’t so nutritionally sound. When I make those choices they are conscious ones and I enjoy whatever it is I am eating and drinking. Brilliant  Maribel Cruz-Aguilar 5pts I don't need to lose weight either but I like to drink these juices.
If you have to choose between blending and juicing, choose blending but if you can do both its the best.

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