In the guest presentation by a renowned fat loss expert and University of Florida, learn one tip that you can use to drop up to 3 dress sizes in a week.
Plus, discover surprising foods (you’re probably consuming now) that reduce your fat burning hormone and make it practically impossible for women to shed pounds. His solution has nothing to do with the latest berry pills, long hours doing cardio or supplements. Discover how to get the body you have dreamed of starting with the tips John shares about female fat loss.
Even if you ate a healthy, filling dinner, it’s not unusual to experience a few hunger pangs at night. Instead, reach for these super easy-to-prepare snacks that will help you burn fat -- and get a good night’s sleep, too! For more health and wellness tips like How to Get More Energy Naturally, Fruits & Vegetables You Need to Boost Your Immune System, and How to (Safely) Lose 10 Pounds in One Week. Blend a half-cup of tart cherry juice (available at health food stores) with unsweetened almond, coconut or nonfat milk, a cup of frozen sweet cherries and a scoop of your fave protein powder for a fat-burning shake with sleep-boosting benefits.
Recreate that drowsy feeling you get after a turkey dinner (sans the hours of food prep) with slimming turkey and pickle wraps. Simply take 3 to 4 slices of low-sodium, nitrate-free turkey and wrap each slice around a slice of low-sodium dill pickle and enjoy.
When it comes to fat loss, green tea is a triple threat -- it’s free of sugar, virtually-calorie free and it modestly boosts your metabolism. Prep your green tea in the morning by adding a tea bag or two to a mug of warm water, then allow it to steep in the fridge during the day, or simply use matcha (powdered green tea) in your nighttime smoothie. The best way to stay slim is to make your own granola using high-quality ingredients (you can modify this recipe to include cacao nibs to satisfy a chocolate fix, add shredded coconut for added fiber or substitute coconut oil in place of olive oil).

Prep this snack however you’d like -- try drizzling peanut butter over banana slices; or cutting a banana in half, lengthwise, and filling it with peanut butter to make a sandwich.
Drinking a warm glass of milk before bedtime is a nostalgic, comforting tradition passed on from generation to generation. With so many responsibilities, how about leveraging your sleep time to increase the burning of fat.  Discover the method thousands of women are using to gain the body they desire today. In addition to dietary fiber -- a fat-burning nutrient that also fills you up -- cherries are one of the best natural sources of melatonin, a sleep hormone.
Just rinse out your blender ASAP when you’re done and voila -- almost cleanup-free snacking!
Turkey comes packed with protein for fat loss, and it’s an especially good source of tryptophan -- an amino acid with natural mind-relaxing properties that can help you sleep. But its caffeine content can cause problems if you’re sensitive -- since it’s a stimulant, drinking caffeine right before bedtime can disrupt your slumber. Blend the tea together with nonfat milk -- or unsweetened vanilla almond milk -- and a half-cup of frozen blueberries.
If you’re going with store-bought granola, though, check the label to make sure it’s not loaded with sugar and preservatives. Since sometimes it’s inconvenient to cook and clean dishes after a long day, the evening is when you’re most likely to reach for a processed packaged snack and enjoy a serving (or three!).
Melatonin maintains your body’s internal clock (called a circadian rhythm) so maintaining healthy melatonin levels is key to getting quality ZZZs. The pickles add flavor and make your snack more filling without adding a significant amount of calories -- always a bonus when you’re trying to lose weight.
They’re also a fantastic source of omega-3 fatty acids -- a type of fat that reduces inflammation and might prevent or treat obesity.

Avoid tossing and turning all night by opting for caffeine-free tea, which has all the antioxidant benefits of the full-caffeine version. The oats, dried fruit and coconut in granola all contain high-quality fiber for fat loss, and nuts and seeds add both fiber and slimming protein. Look for low-sugar varieties, sweetened with just a touch of honey, agave or brown rice syrup instead of high-fructose corn syrup. Topping sliced banana with peanut butter means you’ll have a snack rich in sleep-inducing carbs, fat-busting dietary fiber and healthy fats for cardiovascular health. And while the occasional nighttime indulgence won’t pack on weight, doing it on a regular basis will. Pairing cherries with protein also helps you shed weight, since protein boosts your metabolism. Pairing your walnuts with oatmeal means you’ll have a snack with lots of healthy carbs -- these support an active lifestyle and exercise program, and help your brain absorb and use tryptophan, which makes you drowsy. Adding milk means you’ll get more metabolism-boosting protein, while the berries add beneficial antioxidants that help you recover and repair your tissues as you sleep.
Granola also supplies B-complex vitamins, a family of nutrients that only support your metabolism by helping you digest and process nutrients -- like protein and carbs -- but also help supply your tissues with fresh oxygen, so you feel energized.
Bananas also serve as a great source of potassium, a nutrient that naturally promotes muscle function (including relaxation) to support a healthy, active lifestyle. And even though peanut butter (and other nut butters) is moderately high in calories, it’s not likely to cause weight gain.

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