Others include social benefits, our friendly relaxed atmosphere provides a place to meet up with friends and family, or indeed a place to meet new friends.
If you are looking to introduce a corporate health & fitness club membership scheme to your company then look no further. Research suggests that frequent exercise can improve employee health and motivation, boost morale, cut stress levels, reduce absenteeism (the average UK employee takes up to 9 sick days per year, this reduces to 4 among employees who enjoy regular exercise) and ultimately increase productivity.
As we have more fat naturally stored at our abdomen (and that annoying little pooch beneath our tummies), your stomach abs would be the last to show up, but keep it consistent, and you will reap those results! There are also financial benefits as there is often a reduction in life insurance for those who are members of and regular users of a gym. At Health Central Health & Fitness we want you to reap the rewards of a healthier workforce and for less than you may think! We can then provide tailor made corporate membership solutions to help you support and reward your employees.
You can plan out a few mix and match moves, whichever feels more comfortable for you to do, but be sure to cover all of them consistently. Please feel free to look for other compound moves to add variety to your workout, these are just some basic stuff. Health Central Health & Fitness corporate memberships are a great way to reward and retain your employees and to differentiate your company when recruiting.

NOW HOW DOES ONE GET STARTED?▸ Lift 4 times a week, at the very least It is recommended that you do two leg days and two arm days. I will be posting reblogs of what motivates & inspires me, plus tips that I've written (sourced from my personal blog). You might experience some sore muscles after the first day, but I promise you, keep it up and the sores will not reoccur again. So with every pound of muscle you gain, you will burn more fats off your entire body even more effectively than running three hours on the treadmill. Workouts are divided into sets, so that after 8 squats, you can take a 5 second break to catch your breath, shake it out a little, before going on to your second set.
In the beginning, you might feel bulky because of the fats stacked up against your growing muscles.
Now as it get’s easier, you need to not only increase weights, but also increase the number of sets you need to do. But trust me, with consistent lifting and a good diet (yes, diet is very important too), you will literally see those arms shape themselves.
The most basic moves you need to learn are squats, deadlifts and presses – these moves burns the most calories and have the biggest impact on your body. Read about why squats are awesome for you, and further down, I will introduce some moves to incorporate into your workout.▸ Lift heavy!

Listen here, you need to throw out all those bullshit magazines that say women should only workout with light weights.
Seriously, even on non-workout days if you happen to indulge in some burgers or pizza, your muscle mass and metabolism ENSURES that you don’t gain any weight. Women however, have so little of it that lifting itsy-bitsy weights will make literally no difference.
Even if you’re a beginner, do not start with 3lbs dumbbells as your starting weights. When I started lifting, I had 5.5lbs weights on each side of my barbell, totaling to 11lbs - which is, in my opinion, the perfect starter-weight for girls who are beginners.
But lifting can and will shape your body to the look that most of us want (smaller waist, flatter stomach, leaner arms and legs, nice booty) as well as to reduce common problem areas (muffin top, saddlebags, belly fat). Those men’s eyes are gonna pop when they see you carry those heavy files in the office without needing their help.WILL LIFTING WEIGHTS MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A FEMALE-HULK? To even reach that level of muscularity, you need a super controlled diet, years of consistent hard work and a huge dose of testosterone in your system.

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