If you are at your ideal weight but still struggle to get a flat, sexy stomach, do not despair.
Every woman’s body is different, and getting a flat stomach is easier for some women than it is for others. What you really need to do is focus on exercises that will help you lower your body fat percentage all over your body.
If you really want to lose belly fat quickly, you need to incorporate strength training as well.
Your body needs carbohydrates as a source of energy, but eating too many carbs will just result in your body converting the extra to fat. The following is a brief guide to help you understand the basics behind burning excess abdominal fat, which exercises are the most effective for toning and tightening your mid-section, and how to utilize proper nutrition to reveal the tight, toned abs everyone wants.
Before we begin, you should realize that there is no single eating plan or exercise routine that will benefit everyone. In his research, he describes how metabolic body types [the oxidation types] affect the way people respond to food intake and the ability to handle carbohydrates and fats in the oxidation process.
Your body oxidizes food intake differently (especially fats and carbs) than others, and being on a meal plan meant for other body types can lead to diet failure or, quite possibly, hurt your health and metabolism which inevitably slows down weight and fat loss.
In a worst-case scenario, it makes you more prone to weight gain and weight loss plateaus.
His theory stated there are three main body types that react differently to nutrition, environment and physical activity. The theory behind these body types is still valid today, and utilized by many nutritionists, dietitians and personal trainers to help their clients achieve maximum results. According to The Metabolic Typing Diet by William Wolcott, PhD, MD women with this body type tend to have a weaker appetite and find a little food goes a long way.
More than any other body type, ectomorph women have the most freedom to eat a wide variety of carbohydrates including vegetables, fruits, starchy vegetables and grains. According to Mayo Clinic, the Mediterranean diet is composed of primarily plant-based foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts and limited red meat in favor of fish and poultry. They must watch their diet carefully to avoid gaining excess fat, which can cover their muscular features.
Endomorph women often have a curvier, rounder body shape and tend to carry high amounts of total body mass and fat mass. Body fat percentage can easily be calculated by the use of skin fold calipers, which can be purchased at many health food stores.
There are also weight scales available that can measure body fat percentage by simply standing on them and entering a few basic body measurements.

Certain exercises not only burn calories during the time that you are actively performing them, they also burn calories for up to 24 to 48 hours post workout.
This is known as the afterburn effect, and is extremely important when trying to lose excess body weight. By performing weight-bearing exercises that stimulate muscle contraction, you are not only building healthy levels of lean muscle, but are also stoking your metabolism to burn calories for hours after your workout has ended.
We are all jealous of that girl who can seem to eat everything yet still have a body to die for, with curves in all the right places, and a lean stomach with no hint of extra fat. The processes are always the same, but different people tend to burn calories at different rates. Your body is always burning a combination of fats and carbs as energy, but the percentage of fat vs.
This is great for ensuring that you have a healthy pregnancy, but not so great when what you really want is a lean stomach and less belly fat. The body produces more of the hormones that cause women to store body fat when you are pregnant. This is absolutely essential if you want to have a healthy baby with a healthy birth weight. Exercise does a really good job of working the muscles involved, but it does a really poor job at having any impact on the surrounding fat tissue. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if your only problem is too much fat around the midsection, no amount of sit-ups and crunches is going to help you. Strength training will help you to increase the percentage of muscle in your body, resulting in a lower percentage of fat.
It is still ok to consume healthy fats in moderation, but if you consume too many fats, your body’s fat percentage will not go down. Women are already more likely than men to store extra body fat, so you do not want to make things worse with an unhealthy diet. Focus on drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of lean meats such as chicken and fish.
Others find fat accumulating in their midsection or stomach.While excess fat in any area is bad, visceral fat or fat that accumulates in the abdomen is more dangerous. George Watson, PhD, author of Nutrition and Your Mind and Psycho-Chemical Energy and Personality Strength, people’s body types describe much more. If you want a flat, no fat stomach, it is time to follow this guide, and learn how to lose belly fat fast for women. That is why some girls can seemingly eat an endless number of calories yet maintain a slim and girlish figure.

All this means is that women will have to work harder to lower their body fat percentage, which is the number one way to help lose belly fat. You have to gain weight (and fat too unfortunately!) if you want to have a healthy pregnancy.
You will just have to work twice as hard to lose your belly fat fast once your baby is born. This approach is a lot of hard work, but with enough effort, you will literally start to see the fat melt away from your body, especially that pesky belly fat.
Round out your diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and you will have a healthy diet and nutrition plan that maximizes your belly fat burn.
Some women seem to naturally burn a higher percentage of fat, which makes it easier for them to lose belly fat. After puberty, a woman’s body produces hormones that make her store more calories as fat to prepare the body for having a child.
If you want to lose belly fat faster, take your exercise plan to the next level to try to lower your body’s fat percentage as quickly as possible. There are also other steps you can take to reduce belly fat safely.How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally1. Breastfeeding will help you burn massive amounts of calories (and fat!) in the weeks after your baby arrives.
When you are sleep deprived, your metabolism drops by 10-15%.Sleep deprivation also causes glucose intolerance and increases the production of cortisol, causing you to feel hungry. Choose lean cuts of meat and low-fat or fat-free dairy products.Avoid highly processed foods that contain high amounts of sodium, fats and sugar. Brisk walking, jogging, biking, swimming, and kickboxing are excellent forms of aerobic or cardio exercise.5.
Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat does, even while at rest.When your muscle mass increases, your metabolic rate will also increase. Have a light snack once every two to three hours between meals to increase the rate of your metabolism. Include whole-grain cereals in all your meals.Whole grain cereals are high in fiber, low in calories, and will keep you feeling full longer. Try some fat-burning foods that will help you lose belly fat naturally.Have you thought that maybe you have the whole picture wrong about how to get six pack abs?

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