To make sure you’re losing body fat you have to understand the difference between body weight and body fat. Example: If I weigh 130 lb and my body fat percentage is 10, that means I have 13 lb of fat on my body.
Our bodies need a certain amount of fat to function optimally (essential body fat) and everything else is fat you can do without. Essential body fat is approximately 2-5% for men and 10-13% for women. The least expensive and most widely available method of calculating body fat percentage is the skinfold caliper test.
I have reached my goal weight and wondering on any thoughts about taking a week off dieting? The reason for the whole body recomp versus bulk and cut cycles, in my eyes, comes down to preference and discipline. As always, Your Mileage May Vary, consult a registered dietician for actual custom advice, etc etc etc. Really accurate and perfect suggestion, you cannot put on muscle faster if you were to bulk. My numbers may not be the best example, as I'm not as familiar to what your goals should be as a female lifter, so take all that as more of a guideline than rule Your workout routine will be just as important as your nutrition when you begin this, What are you currently using for programming?
Good answer but I would come to the opposite conclusion for anyone that is a beginner to strength training. Eat at maitenance, start your program and get used to the moves, get your form down and since you are new you will build some muscle esp at maitenance.
Another random internet strangers opinion here, but the diet break sounds a great idea, and would probably make it 10- 14 days. I had the exact same issue a few months ago when my weight dropped very low but I still had some problem areas I wanted to work on. I am now bulking but I wouldn't recommend jumping into it right away from a deficit and if you just started lifting (but that is just my opinion - every case is different of course). This, though I suggest you reverse diet up to maintenance for a few months first to make a smoother transition into your bulk and give you a stable baseline for maintenance calories. I did that for a year (switched to 3x5 for the summer) and recently started Wendlers but loved Stronglifts.
The key no matter which path you take is to get adequate protein and pick a lifting program that will develop strength through progressive loading and incorporate hypertrophy lifts. I'm at 180ish for my 6' frame, dropping to about 175 before I start slowly recomping and wondering if I should slowly rebuild the muscle, or just finish dropping before bulking around the holidays. Your breakfast of two eggs with a little yogurt and spinach adds up to about 15g of protein and no more than 10g of carbs. Eating most of your calories in the first part of the day will fuel you, fill you up and ensures you don’t get ravenous in the second part of the day. I’m estimating you’re eating no more than about 40 g of carbs right now, which is way too low for you. Your dinners are so small that your blood sugar will definitely drop during the night, which will make you wake up feeling sluggish and tired and leaves you with little energy to do your workout.

Some of the most accurate methods such as DXA Scan, Bioelectrical Impedance, and Hydrostatic (Underwater) Weighing are expensive and require a trip to a medical facility. In this method, you pinch the skin and fat under the skin (but not the muscle) in several locations on your body and measure the pinch using a skinfold caliper (not an affiliate link) which you can get from Amazon for $5.99.
I think it might be healthy because i am getting very burnt out on calorie counting and dieting. You can certainly maintain your weight and build muscle, but you would put on muscle faster if you were to bulk. If you've hit your goal and you're starting in on strength training, you're going to need nutrition to build muscle. A person that is only looking at the scale without doing measurements or keeping track of their performance in the gym is going to have a bad time on a recomp. Continue to do what you are doing for another 4-6 weeks and if body fat is still stagnant add a cheat meal not a cheat day just a cheat meal after your 4-6 weeks is up and see if that gets the ball rolling in the right direction.
I suggest maintenance and StrongLifts 5x5, then reevaluate after the 12 week program is over.
You are at a low weight with a high body fat percent and you can expect to see some reasonably good changes at maintenance with a good lifting program and keeping your nutrition in check (adequate protein, not too much of the non-nutritious stuff, adequate calories, progressive loading). By far not enough to balance your blood sugar because you need about 20g of protein (add another egg) and about 30g of carbs (load up on veggies). You’re much better off eating an omelette with loads of veggies or a fritatta or oatmeal with a protein shake or Greek yogurt than having nothing for the first 3-4 hours per day. That’s almost an Atkins Diet approach where you stick to below 30grams in the first couple weeks. Finding the right carbohydrate balance is one of the hardest things to accomplish but it can be done if you focus on eating as many veggies as you can. Keep in mind, a little bit of excess fat is not bad at all and you don’t have to lose fat until you reach the essential fat levels. You will have to take the measurements (in mm) from 7 different locations and put the numbers into a body fat percentage calculator to get your body fat percentage using this method. That's not to say that you should eat a jar of peanut butter like Winnie Pooh finding honey, or drink a gallon of milk a day (sometimes abbreviated here and elsewhere as GOMAD,) but to eat enough of a surplus to support this construction while not eating excessively more than what's needed. I personally like the idea of mild bulk and cuts for myself over recomping just because the holidays are around the corner.
Again, you could go longer or shorter than that depending on how comfortable you are in your own skin.
Myself, if in your situation, I would probably take the dietary break, come back and calorie cycle (eat at maintenance for 4 days, calorie deficit for 3), and do some high intensity interval strength training to torch the body fat while building some muscle. I noticed a significant improvement in my problem areas, for me it was my stomach and thighs. The changes to my body were pretty impressive in that time even if my weight was within a 5 pound margin the entire time. I dabbled in 5x5 at home n i cant really throw more than 45 over my head for a squat w out struggling.

A significant calorie deficit results in weight loss, yes, but if you skimp on protein, you lose muscle mass. Keep in mind that you have gone without protein for about 14 hours at that point and your muscles will go into a catabolic state (breakdown) if you don’t feed them regularly. While this is effective in helping you lose fat short term, it’s absolutely no sane way of finding balance, Nor will it help you lose weight in the long run.
You will be able to gain muscle with consistent balanced eating, while allowing your body to lose any excess body fat. You will not be able to reach some of the measurement locations yourself and will need someone else to help you. Hitting your protein goals reliably would be a good starting goal post, and this can be done without supplements just by eating chicken breasts, various beans, etc - whatever fits your budget and tastes.
At mantinence or perhaps a lil above w no gain nor no inches lost heres a pic if it works. So w such a upped weight so often i cant do 5x5 wo a squat rack n i cant go to a gym at the moment. By the time you eat dinner, your blood sugar level is very low and it’s hard to recover it. So, more veggies, spread out your protein throughout the day, eat more frequently, snack in the afternoon and start your day with a great breakfast.
Anything less and you are going to have a hard time telling if you are eating the right amount of calories due to naturally fluctuating body weight.
Half a pound loss per week for a little over six weeks should leave you with the same amount of fat, but a bit more muscle.
Your blood sugar is low when you wake up after a night of fasting and needs to be balanced. Eating more than that might result in faster muscle growth, but also a lot more fat, and a longer period to cut. However, you wait until 10am to eat some protein and at that time your blood sugar is even lower than when you woke up. One cup of broccoli for dinner is just 6 grams of carbs (4 grams if you deduct the fiber, which doesn’t impact your blood sugar). Plus, you don’t want to lose energy to do your workouts because they are necessary to increase your metabolism and to build muscle mass (and keep your sanity).
The little bit of sugar in your cranberry juice and coffee raise your blood sugar a little bit, but definitely not enough to get it balanced. Eat at least 100g of carbs per day or else you’ll risk losing muscle and your workout intensity will suffer. I've continued to see minor changes primarily in my stomach and back since maintaining, but I'm not seeing more changes in my hips and thighs.

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