You can track your progress of weight, total Zumba time, calories burnt while Zumbing and save it in your profie.
The original Zumba Fitness game is the number one fitness title of 2011 with more than 4 million copies sold worldwide. Zumba Fitness 2 video game invites players to party their way into shape with a fun and proven program. Whether playing in Single Song, Full Class or multiplayer mode with support for up to four dancers, players will have a blast with this unique dance-fitness experience that shapes, tones and transforms their bodies, and makes them forget they’re even exercising.
Majesco Entertainment has teamed up with 24 Hour Fitness, the nation’s largest privately owned U.S. Zumba® Fitness 2 for Wii™ is rated T for Teen and available now for the suggested retail price of $39.99.
My niece got this for her birthday and kept hounding me to do it with her…so I did, and I really liked it! I started going to Zumba classes 2 months ago after hearing so much about it from friends and also after being asked if I wanted to review the game for the Wii. After you have your profile you can do a dance class or you can go straight into a routine. I enjoyed trying out this game and doing the routines, it is particularly good for people who do not go to a Zumba class. I like to think I am a reasonable dancer and I certainly know how to do the basics like salsa, yet this game did not pick up my moves very well and there is little direction for people who don't know the moves already.

When I really shook my hips it picked up this as a move, the figure on the screen glowed green (to show I was doing it correctly) and I got points, when it really could have been any move. That said, I am competitive and do like to perfect moves, but for those who don't take dance seriously and just want a bit of a laugh with friends (there is a multiplayer option) then this is the game for you. I try to infuse a little fun into the fitness routine in my house by making it a competition or a game.
The moves are set to popular Zumba songs, many of which you may recognize if you are a Zumba fan, like Caipirinha and Dance, Dance, Dance.
You have the option of performing one song at a time to taking a full class (my favorite mode). Zumba® Fitness 2 builds on the solid foundation set forth by its predecessor and amps up the experience with all-new routines, hit music, customization features and 24 dance styles, more than any other game. Get moving with amazing Zumba presenters, Beto, Tanya Beardsley and Gina Grant as they guide you through each exhilarating routine, ranging from Merengue and Hip-Hop to Bollywood and Latin Pop.
You can even take it slow in Learn the Steps tutorial mode before you dive into the choreography. I love dance and have tried almost every type of dance throughout the years but I mainly wanted to do Zumba to get my fitness up. There are no verbal cues on the routines and so you just have to watch and learn and try and keep up.
With your points you can unlock levels and dance in different scenery, with the 'best' one being a rooftop scene.

My Zumba instructor is going to be trying the game out soon and so I will be interested to hear her take on it. Everyday I strive to find balance in my life through fitness, healthy eating, occasional indulgences and generally enjoying all life has to offer. For the first time, players can customize their own class with their favorite routines and track calories burned. That is what I love about it, you can be doing salsa in one routine and bollywood moves in another. This seems a shame to me, as I thought I was going to be able to customise the character on the screen but it is simple and fuss free never the less. There are lots of different routines to choose from and are labelled basic, intermediate or expert.
I think there is only so much movement a Wii controller in a waist belt can pick up perhaps?
Now I am sure this would be amazing had the view and graphics been good but it felt like a bit of an anticlimax. I would certainly be interested in trying out the Kinect version to see if it picks up moves better than the Wii.

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