In over 80% of cases, people are stressed, and they may use “comfort food” as a drug to treat the stress. Most women I talk to under-eat chronically, and that is the reason that they can’t lose weight. I hope that you’ll join me- and if you have other weight challenged friends, you’ll let them know as well. I started dieting when I was a size 10- yes, like those crazies I mentioned above who want to be thinner (and richer).

So are they overweight because they ate the food, or are they gaining weight because they are STRESSED? The clothing stores have played into this warped desire, and made the clothes sizes appear that you are wearing a smaller size (an 8 become a 6…..
But when she got sick at the end of her life and lost a bunch of weight, she looked admiringly at herself in the mirror, and said she wished she had looked like that before. Once you’re stressed, your body shifts into fat storage mode, and your diet is doomed to failure!

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