Detox teas can help you lose weight, but it really depends on the quality of ingredients in the tea. Some detox teas are just laxatives in disguise, and these are the ones you should avoid by all means. If you see Senna or Marshmallow Root listed in the ingredients, do yourself and your office mates a favor and skip it. You will probably lose about 5 pounds in a day or two of drinking this type of tea, but it’s just because everything is exiting through your colon…quickly.  There is no lasting benefit here, but you’ll definitely remember the cramps. What about the ones that claim to cleanse your liver and kidneys?  Some of these actually do provide benefits, without discomfort.
Your liver and kidneys detox your body on a daily basis, so it makes sense to give them some support now and then. Let’s face it, our diets aren’t perfect all of the time, so rejuvenating these organs is a pretty good idea. For detoxification and rejuvenation of these organs, look for herbal ingredients like Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Red Clover, Ginger, Lemongrass, Licorice Root, or Fennel Seed. Organ detoxification is effective, and let me show you the line of thinking.  Your liver produces bile, which is essential in the digestion of your food, especially fats.
When those undigested fats get absorbed through your intestines into your blood, they land in your liver to get processed.
Having to produce extra bile and clear all those additional fats from your blood is a significant challenge, and leads to impaired digestion and a clogged up liver. Will you lose weight?  Probably, but slowly, and in a healthier way.  These types of detox teas support the natural processes of the body, and when your body works better, you’ll naturally shed unwanted weight.
Herbal support is great and all, and many of the combinations mentioned above are delicious, but there’s just as much reason to drink plain teas on a regular basis.
Not only does drinking tea help to satisfy your need for hydration, but teas have weight loss benefits too.

Rooibos Tea calms stress signals.  If you are prone to stress eating, this red tea can help reduce the hormone cortisol, which is the source of our stressed out sensations, so you’re less likely to eat that whole tray of brownies. Teas are an excellent way to support your weight loss plan, whether it’s with herbal combinations or the leaf tea you already enjoy. Ideally we require 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to allow the body to repair and help us to feel refreshed for the following day and sleep between 10pm – 6am will cause a greater release than sleep between midnight and 8am. Uninterrupted sleep is so important because it allows the body repair itself both physically and mentally. Make your room as dark as possible:- Remove all bright digital clocks, turn off any night lights and use blackout curtains to stop any street light coming in. Limit your use of computers and TV for 30 mins before bed:- your body processes electrical light as sunlight which causes stimulating hormones to be released.
Try to follow consistent bed and wake times:- By having the same wake and sleep times you help to regulate your hormones and your natural circadian rhythm, leading to better quality sleep. Try writing down all of the your worries or things on your mind that you have to do the next day and then finish by writing down 5 things that you are grateful for or have made you happy. Having a problem falling asleep can sometimes indicate that you have a calcium deficiency . Type 2 insomnia is when you have trouble staying asleep and magnesium deficiency is a classic sign. Magnesium helps to relax your muscles and calms your mood, which may explain why a deficiency can have such an adverse effect on the quality of your sleep. As  bonus for reading this blog post you can now download our Top 50 fitness tips to help you achieve your goals this year. We are walking around all day in a sleep deprived state and not only does it make your day hard work it is actually making us more unhealthy.
It’s job is to promote muscle growth and fat burning so it is a big player in helping us lose weight and tone up.

Any light coming in can disturb your sleep and interfere with a hormone called melatonin which regulates and promotes sleep. This promotes a hormonal imbalance making it harder to fall asleep and limiting the bodies ability to repair itself making you feel tired the next day. This will leave you feeling in a positive frame of mind promoting relaxation when laying down to sleep. Although magnesium is present in foods such as nuts, green leafy vegetables and beans, most people don’t obtain enough magnesium from dietary sources. Taking 250-350mg of magnesium can aid in relaxing the body promoting a healthy nights sleep. So, in today’s article we are going to look into detox tea and weight loss to see if cleansing teas really have any weight loss benefits. Lack of sleep will affect your hormone balance leading to steady weight gain, moods swings, it affects concentration and memory retention whilst also leading to high blood pressure and elevation in stress hormones and can make it harder to lose weight.
It helps you resist heart disease, protects your bones and generally increases your overall health. Watts in a 1998 article for the “Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine”, eating foods rich in calcium or taking a calcium supplement may help to induce sleep. In adults Growth Hormone is released about one hour from when we go to sleep but studies have proven that even small disturbances in our sleep can reduce our GH levels. He states that calcium helps the body produce melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for getting the body ready to fall asleep.

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