You know, since I’ve been doing this a really, REALLY long time and I’ve helped literally THOUSANDS of women achieve their goals… I ignore that part about the exercise because I KNOW BETTER and I hone right in on the diet. I gave him an example of a woman who, say, eats a piece of chocolate cake with dinner KNOWING FULL WELL that she is NOT supposed to do that. Now, if this is YOU and YOU’RE JUST LIKE I WAS and MILLIONS of other WOMEN out there and you’re ready to take the steps to stop this self-sabotage, well, there are things you can do about it.
I’m not talking about three, four, or five days and you haven’t achieved the results you wanted to achieve. If you haven’t given it your all and you know that, then you got to STOP LYING TO YOURSELF. Look, the simple fact is that you’re going to have to change your lifestyle in order to get that sexy body that you want to achieve because if you don’t you’re NOT GOING TO GET IT. If you’re not prepared to make some REAL and sustainable lifestyle changes with your eating habits then you’ve got to expect that you’re not going to look in the mirror and see something different. You DON’T HAVE TO log all your foods into some crazy app, and when you’re hungry and you’re searching for food you DON’T HAVE TO run to the vending machine. Now, of course, I am going to recommend the Sexy Body plan because that’s EXACTLY what it is. Now, you might be thinking, “Well, Kristin, that’s great, but I have this long history of sabotaging my behavior, so how am I going to stop doing that?” Oh, once again, we turn to Dr. One of the BEST ways to do that is to stop yourself quite literally when you’re in that thought process.
Even after years and years of me doing this I still have to remind myself that it takes time and consistency when I’m losing fat for a competition.

We either, one, think we’re eating healthy and we’re not, or MORE likely, two, we’re actually LYING to OURSELVES. Todd Bennet, clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and expert in achieving our full potential. That she’s NOT going to achieve the results that she wants to achieve when she does it, but she does it anyway… and then LIES TO HERSELF, say, days later saying, “Well, I tried this diet and it didn’t work,” when she didn’t get the results. I learned those patterns and behaviors of self-sabotage that I would NEVER (that was the thinking)… that I would never, EVER achieve the body that I wanted to achieve. Plain and simple… You’ve undoubtedly heard that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. You’ve got to be okay with that, but if you really want to get that sexy body that you’ve always wanted, then you have to be prepared to make some serious lifestyle changes. It’s a sustainable plan, healthy plan, which will get you into AMAZING shape for the rest of your life. I have been exercising for the past several years, and although I am strong and have developed some endurance, I have been unable to shed some of the extra weight.
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Most individuals come back and they reveal that their healthy eating really isn’t exactly healthy, ESPECIALLY when you add in all those sugars, sauces, and alcohol drinks – AND – everything else that we put in there that we CONVENIENTLY forget to reveal. So when I would try to get on a clean-eating plan or some sort of diet or lifestyle change, I would only stick with it for a very short period of time and then I would do something to sabotage myself because I TRULY DIDN’T BELIEVE that I ever was really capable of achieving that body. When you’ve made that decision to make those lifestyle changes that number one thing that I ALWAYS recommend is preparing your meals in advance.

It’s mostly through preparing their meals and not having that surprise moment when they’re hungry and they have nothing ready ahead of time. Not only does it ensure that you’ll get the body that you want when you prepare your meals ahead of time; it actually makes your life EASIER because a couple of hours preparing your meals for the week ALLOWS you to not have to think about what you’re eating next. Most GUYS CANNOT even achieve that crazy, sexy, awesome body without preparing their meals in advance! Once you’ve chosen it and once you’ve said that I believe in this and I’m going to do this, then you NEED to STICK WITH IT.
I am motivated and I have just NOW opened up and book and I am going to start journaling my food intake for the week and cut out the extra calories for next week and just start there…Baby steps. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, or supplementation program, before taking any medication, before starting any treatment program or if you have or suspect you have a health problem. We know we are NOT DOING what we’re supposed to do, but we LIE to ourselves and tell ourselves that we did.
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We’re inconsistent, we BINGE, we do all these things to SABOTAGE OURSELVES and then we lie to ourselves that we really tried hard and we did everything we needed to do, but we didn’t get the results. That brings up the larger question of ‘Why do we lie to ourselves about this?’ WHY do we continue these patterns, trying things, not putting in the effort, not being consistent; then turn around and tell ourselves a lie that WE DID and we didn’t get the results that we wanted to achieve?

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