Sweet potatoes also boast vitamin A, C and B6, as well as minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium. By simplifying your diet and cycling your carbs around sweet potatoes, you take the guesswork out of your meals. If you find yourself struggling to get over a fat loss plateau, you can break through it by changing all of your carbohydrates to sweet potatoes for seven to ten days.
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Carbohydrate Cycling is when you eat high carb foods on some days and medium or low carb foods on others; this is a structured diet plan that makes your body burn fat for fuel if done correctly.
Know how many calories you need to eat to lose weight, use the BMR calorie counter to figure this out. Know how many calories you are getting in your diet, fat-protein-carbs and have a diet plan printed out or on your phone to reference.
Eat a higher amount of carbs on large muscle group training days and less or no carbs on smaller groups and days off.
If you are above 15-20% body fat, you will want to keep your carbs very low opting for more low days in the week. If you are above 20% body fat, you might want to look at just having one cheat meal instead of a high carb day. Avoid starchy carbs, potatoes, legumes, cereals, rice, grains, and breads if you do not train-cardio (2-3 times per week).
The reason why those who are over 20% body fat cannot have many carb meals or days is because their insulin levels are probably out of whack. If you change the variables to fit your body, make sure you get in at least 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. On low carb days, have a couple higher fat protein sources and the rest of the meals have lower fat proteins. On your high carb days, stick with very lean protein sources and get your fats mostly from fish oil or something like Udos oil.
Make sure on all days you train at least 1 hour after eating carbs unless you are consuming something very high glycemic like dextrose, in that case you will want to ingest 5 minutes before training. Look forward to higher carb days, they are your carrots for your inner dieting rabbit to keep you motivated mentally.
DO NOT HAVE GUILT on high carb day, it is part of the equation and if you avoid these days (feeling like they will make you fat), you will just slow down your metabolism and become skinny fat. On your low carb days and high carb days, time the meal with the most carbs in it after your workout. On your no carb day, simply do not eat any carbs, no vegetables no protein with sugar in it, no carbs!!! Your weight will go up and down while carb cycling and you might even feel bloated on the higher carb days because of how much water is retained during the medium and high carb days. On this diet or any other diet, make sure you are accounting for your dressings and condiments; they do add up and it is critical you do not forget it. If you have a dinner or date planned, simply swap a high carb day for a lower carb day; the rule is that you can not have two high carb days back to back. If you are not losing weight on the diet you chose, simply switch a medium carb day for a high carb day, if that does not work, look at your calories; are you eating too much or not working out enough for the amount you are eating? On these plans, it is highly suggested to keep it simple, keep your fats and proteins together on low carb day and keep your carbohydrates and proteins together on high carb days.
Are you looking for a way to lose weight without starving or depriving yourself of everything you love? Carb cycling focuses primarily on carbohydrates rather than protein or fats as carbs have the most impact on weight, body composition and lean muscle mass. One reason that carb cycling diets help you lose weight is because the largest contributing factor in weight gain is sugar consumption, not from eating fat or complex carbohydrates like vegetables or whole wheat.

When you begin to cycle your carbs you will create a calorie deficit while providing sufficient carbs to prevent metabolism slow down. May 21, 2014 By Jay 13 Comments As a hard training fitness athlete or anyone looking to lose body fat and increase muscle, harnessing the power of your body’s insulin production is critical. Insulin is a key to muscle growth and recovery and is also essential for nutrient uptake and protein synthesis, . Gymnema Sylvestre-this is a potent Indian Herb which has the remarkable ability to reduce sugar cravings and reduce overall sugar levels in the blood. Chromium-this is probably the oldest known Glucose Disposal Agent and the subject of much research and controversy. Metformin-otherwise known as Glucophage is not a supplement but a potent anti-diabetic drug which is AWESOME in its ability to manage insulin resistance by lowering the amount of glucose found in the blood. Stay tuned for an informative blog on Carb Cycling and Summer Fat Loss you won’t want to miss! I will definitely work in some intervals and power naps, in addition to throwing some cinnamon into my shakes.
1) I consume about 1000 calories of simple carbs before, during, and right after my 60′ training sessions.
3) I reduced the intensity of my cardio from HR 180 to HR 145, and made lifting the focus of my workout. My natty test is definitely high enough for gains (after purposely trying to crash it over 6 days of binge drinking with 4 hours of sleep per night it was still 585) since I am only 25, so per your and Mike’s advice I would like to lay a really solid foundation before embarking on the path of the dark side.
I just purchased some Alpha Lipoic Acid as I am cutting down body fat and was wondering what the best way to use it would be. Based on this protocol, when should I take the ALA – every day or just before carb-heavy meals on training days?
From what I understand from the research, spiking your insulin with high carb meals isn’t the healthiest thing to do. Post workout, your glut4 transponders are switched to easily process carbohydrates to muscular glucose, not to store it as fat. I am a health enthusiast who enjoys doing research and writing unbiased reviews to help consumers make the right purchasing decisions online. They have a relatively low glycemic index, which will help keep your blood sugar from spiking after you eat.
While doing this, be sure to use the hashtag #sweetpotatodiet so you can connect with others who are doing the same thing. His goal is to positively impact the lives of 1 million people - transforming their bodies, helping them lose weight and live long, healthy, fulfilling lives. The plan you choose depends on your weight and fat percentage written as the titles of each plan.
On these days, you will want to stick to strictly fibrous vegetables enabling you to stay under your number. Your insulin levels are probably all messed up, so you will want to keep them in check until you drop below 15%. This would mean, you would have a high carb meal (up to 150 carbs for men and 100 carbs for women) instead of a high carb day. Refer to the calorie counter to make sure you are getting enough protein before you write your macros for the day. I like to stick with anything that ends with berry to stay simple and avoid the calorie per servings fruit.
They hurt your body’s ability to store glycogen; this is the sugar in the muscle that usually directly affects your muscles feeling full or flat. Leave out carbs accept vegetables on low carb day and leave out fats entirely on high carb day (if you eat meat on high carb days, you will find small amounts of fat in the meals, this will be enough for this day). An even simpler approach is eating more carbohydrates on High Carb days to maintain or promote lean muscle growth and eating fewer carbohydrates on Low Carb days to promote fat loss.

Carb cycling requires a fairly high lean protein intake, while your fat intake varies with your carb cycles, high carb days will be low fat days and low carb days will include higher (healthy) fat intake. Reducing your sugar intake on your low carb days will lead to rapid fat loss while maintaining lean muscle. But carbs are not necessarily the enemy, and treating them as such by overly restricting them can be counter-productive to your long-term weight loss. Carb cycling will also reduce cravings and you won’t feel that you are starving or constantly deprived.
We will teach you to choose clean, healthy foods and how to make the right choices at the supermarket and in the kitchen. Glucose disposal agents (GDAs) are supplements which help the body break down carbs and then store them in the form of muscle glycogen. It’s a potent anti-oxidant(water soluble) and also helps regenerating damaged livers (For all your drinkers reading our blog). Chromium in a big enough dosage is highly effective as it has a unique ability to open the receptors of muscle cells allowing insulin to improve glycogen and amino acid uptake.
My routine is as follows: early morning training (6am), drink 30g BCAA in small intervals until my 1pm meal as per LeanGains. Always know I can come here, look through the archives, and get great advice when I have a fitness question. You can choose to lose weight and start to live as the new you by following the weight loss program called carb cycling. These slow-digesting carbs are full of fiber, which will help control your hunger by making you feel satiated.
This is a very effective way to keep muscle and burn fat or build muscle while maintaining your body fat level and it is highly suggested by the KIMMERLEPLAN.
Stick with vegetables and mostly fruits for your carbs on any day until you are down to below 20% body fat. Following this protocol with your meal plans will help you avoid the higher glycemic carbs as well. Cycling carbs to lose weight is growing in popularity and with good reason – it works! Your body needs carbs to function, carbs fuel most bodily functions and provide energy and restricting carbs will slow your metabolism and hamper any attempts to lose weight. You’ll learn about portion control and how to measure foods and divide your meals into the right portions. Insulin is directly responsible for the usage and storage of glucose from carbohydrates in the diet. Glucose Disposal Agents optimize the power of insulin by improving the bodies physical response to exercise- creating a leaner, more toned, and healthier physique.
I have been applying the knowledge in your podcast with Mike about carb cycling and I eat next to no carbs on non-training days (just salad) and small amounts of the clean carbs such as yams and brown rice on training days.
Michael is certified, CPT, RKC, OPT and CF-L1 Trainer, and is the creator of HIIT MAX™ and one of the best selling digital online fat burning programs for weight loss. You’ll also learn more about carb cycling and food timing to get the most out of your meals. Glucose is stored as glycogen in muscle or liver tissue, but it CAN ALSO BE STORED AS BODY FAT.

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