Whenever you snack on your favourite high carb foods all by themselves, they immediately SPIKE insulin, which is your body’s primary storage hormone, so it FORCES your body straight into a fat STORING environment. The digestion of simple carbohydrates begins the second they hit your mouth so your hormones have to properly manage the fast acting carbohydrates properly or you’ll immediately start storing these carbs as fat. This is why you should NEVER snack on your favourite high carb foods without combining them with other foods. The easiest way for you to avoid this fat storing nightmare is to always combine your carbs with a complete animal protein and a fibrous vegetable.
When energy intake is abundant and little or no energy is expended, your muscle and liver storage will over fill, and the body starts storing the unused energy as fat. However, there are three super simple stages of carbohydrate storage… and if you understand how they work, you can eat your favourite carbs and NEVER have to worry about storing them as fat on your body.
Carb timing confusion is one of the primary reasons that 95% of the population gains their weight back after following ANY type of diet. But when you consume lots of your favorite carbs at the right times (and even cheat foods at specific times), you’ll NEVER have to worry about them making you look thicker and fatter.
Here are 3 simple ways you time your carb intake to LIMIT stage 3 fat-spillover and KEEP your body burning fat. Simply put, if you eat carbs at the wrong times, you’ll STORE fat, but if you eat carbs with the right foods at the right times, you’ll BURN fat.

This nutrition method gives you the flexibility to eat the foods you love while strategically using carbs, and all your favourite cheat foods, as a way to rapidly speed up your metabolic rate, preserve lean muscle tissue, and trigger fat to be your primary energy source – all at the same time. But unfortunately, most people have been misled so they’ll never have access to this information so they’ll continue to consume carbs the wrong way, causing havoc on their metabolisms, suppress their fat-burning hormones, and STOP their body from using fat as fuel – WITHOUT even knowing it. For more information on how to lose weight effectively as well as eating healthily, please give me a call on 07595 517285 or click here. This entry was posted in Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Uni Fit Group Personal Training and tagged Body, Dieting, Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Uni Fit by Mike. This will help stabilise insulin to keep your body in fat-burning environment and help your body use the extra carbs available for energy needs.
When one consumes carbs, the system receives a lot of energy which helps keep the body active and that results in weight loss.People often get confused with good carbs and bad carbs. Bad carbs contain high amounts of sodium, artificial ingredients and sweeteners which not only lead to weight gain, but also result in heart diseases and strokes. Bad carbs should be avoided at all costs and good carbs should be added to your plate.Indian Foods That Are High In Bad CarbohydratesStudies show that low-carb or good carb diets reduce appetite.
This is good because, it makes you eat smaller amounts of calories and thereby, speed up the weight loss.Good carbs also contain a high amount of proteins which replace the lost fats, vitamins to re-build the body's immunity in the process of losing weight and fibre which is an essential element to ward off hunger pangs. These three components are needed to keep the body healthy.12 Ways Diabetics Can Enjoy CarbsSo, take a look at some of these healthy carbs that burn fat with ease.

Women who are heavy on the hips and thighs, should add these healthy foods to their daily meals. Quinoa has healthy carbs that burn fat fast and it keeps the body's immunity level up protecting you from all kinds of diseases. Rajma is a storehouse of energy and it is filled with fibre, iron, copper, magnesium and potassium. Popcorn is also low in calories and is a better option when compared to fried potato chips.
They are also high in fibre which makes it easy for the body to break down the sugar content. Blueberries and strawberries should be a must-add to the daily diet as they help in weight loss. Opt for barley dosa made with natural low cholesterol oil and barley idlis which are extremely healthy for diabetics. A 50 gram portion of broken brown rice is enough to provide energy for the body and aid in weight loss.

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