Those figure competitors you see on stage, online, and in all the fitness magazines built their physiques over the course of many months to several years. You have to realize and understand that they work hard off-season and then start contest prep to burn fat to peak for that one contest day.
It shouldn’t be a shocker to know that calorie counting is a factor in dropping unwanted body fat. However, when you are about 12-16 weeks out from your show start to dial down your calories. If your numbers show a change and you see a visual change in the mirror, the diet is working and you should continue it. All too often the eager or first time figure competitor will make a dramatic cut in her carbs in an attempt to lose nagging excess fat. To burn fat 3 times faster and to be a step ahead of your competition and present the total package at your show you NEED to avoid this dietary carb complication.
You will make much more progress in losing weight if you eat carbs in your nutrition program, and slowly wean them out each week or every two weeks. As you reduce and remove carbs from your diet, replace them with non-starch veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, green beans, cabbage, lettuce, raw baby carrots, etc. Keep with the standard dieting format that works, a solid and balanced meal every 3-4 hours works best for those who want to shed excess body fat and retain as much lean muscle tissue as possible.
Now, this is just scratching the surface.  The art of figure prep to get lean and cut for stage involves adjustments in your diet and workout.
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Contact UsClick Here to post a ticket to our support desk to receive a personal response from my well-trained support staff or myself. Instead of starting slow and building up speed, do your high-intensity cardio early in your workout and taper off to a slow finish to burn significantly more fat.
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There is a certain way to eat in the off-season to build muscle as well as a precise way to eat in prep mode to keep as much lean muscle mass as possible, all the while burning off excess body fat.
While you can be more liberal with your eating habits off-season, when it’s time to lean up you really need to keep your calories in check.
The extra calories from carbs and protein fuel high-intensity weight training for muscle building purposes. If you didn’t make any progress at all, dial the number down to your body weight x 10 or 11 and keep working in that manner.
While lowering carbs does indeed help with fat loss, cutting them out suddenly, completely, and too soon will only ignite a cascade of problems down the road from extreme hunger and dizziness to cravings and binges. This allows you better calorie and carb control, it helps to keep you in control of your blood sugar, and it will keep cravings low and prevent unscheduled cheats. These veggies actually melt fat, they are extremely low in calories, and they don’t affect the insulin in a negative way.
That may work for the average person, but you are not average.  You are a figure athlete and you need to feed your body nutrients every several hours to keep a positive nitrogen balance and sustained blood sugar levels.

After a 2-3-minute warm-up, immediately kick it into high gear (80%-85% max heart rate) for 15-20 minutes before slowing down (60%-65% max heart rate) for the last 10-20 minutes. Of course there are other factors in play—sleep, stress levels, etc.—but to maximize the results from your workout, the best strategy is to combine weight lifting and cardio into one intense training session.
Put it into practice it for a full week and after 7 full days check your stats and see how you visually look in the mirror. There's a multitude of options within the top five movement patterns experts recommend, but this routine is a great place to start. Bend knees, shift hips back, and lower down so thighs come close to parallel with the floor.Explosively drive up to standing, extending through hips, as you extend both arms straight overhead. Take a big step back with left foot and lower into a lunge, with both knees bent about 90 degrees. Keep torso up as you lower.Press back up to standing and immediately lift back foot off the ground. Without moving hips, bend right elbow directly toward ceiling, lifting dumbbell up to chest height.
Lower down to starting position and repeat on the other side to complete one rep.Always maintain a neutral spine and a strong core.
Draw shoulders down and back.Bend both knees and lower body down until front thigh is parallel to the ground.
Take a big step out to the side with right foot and lower into a lunge, shifting hips back, keeping knees and toes pointed forward.Explosively push off right foot to stand up on one leg.

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