Need your Gymboss Interval Timer – set to 6 rounds of 10 second and 10 second intervals. Our legs are not as strong as we would like, something we are hoping to focus on this summer. Here is the video so you can sweat it out with us to burn those legs and get that heart rate pumping.
Remember to use hashtags #purelyfitlife and #purelytwins so we can see you guys in action and sweating it out! I awoke to pouring down rain, thunderstorms and a really loud alert on my phone that we were under a tornado warning.
Did you know that Thursday is typically the slowest day of the work week in the fitness industry?
This is a cardio heavy leg workout that will send your heart rate through the roof and make you wonder if your legs might fall off. I think it’s crazy how Thursdays are so slow and now that I read that, I can totally relate to it at my work.
I was SO unmotivated yesterday but forced myself to make it to the gym and try this workout and am so glad I did! I'm Jen and I'm personal trainer, yoga teacher and the author of Ultimate Plank Fitness and The Complete Guide to Yoga Inversions.

Kick boredom with this thighs-and-cardio workout combo designed to build strength and power and burn off pounds of bodyfat. This is a fast-paced intense cardio workout that will push you to your limit, but work off some serious calories. We wanted to create a workout that moved fast, got the heart rate up, but still burned out the legs. If you like this workout and are looking for more great real time full length workouts that won’t take hours out of your busy day yet will give you amazing results join our online training club to start your fitness journey. As always, let me know if you have any questions and I’d love feedback if you try it. I have to have a super quick workout tomorrow and it’s my leg day so this will work wonders! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I live in Charlotte, NC and share daily updates about food, fitness, yoga and life with two golden retrievers! Lori was not feeling the best (period cramps) so we apologize for the little lack of smiles and umph in the video. It gets the job done in under 20 minutes so you can get in and out of the gym and on with fun Thursday activities.

No, we're not talking about an old-school Grandmaster Flash album or a trucking-simulation video game. After finishing this workout, your body is ready for some seriously sculpting with one of my arm, leg, or ab workouts. Reshape your relationship with food and your body so you gain that inner glow inside and out and rock your world. It seems that people start the week motivated and ready to go but fall off the wagon by Thursday.
These athletes all have legs powerful enough to propel them through a brick wall -- in fact, their legs are so hard they look like they'?re made of brick. Your place for short home workouts, gluten-free and grain-free recipes, and inspiration for beauty and living your best life to bring out your inner glow. Slow Thursdays are especially true for evenings during the spring and summer because people get roped into happy hours, baseball games, Alive After Five type events and more. By putting these two dreaded activities together, you get a more intense workout than you could by training them separately and you'?re less likely to skip either one.

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