This testimonial is from a man in Oregon who works with the pillows for himself and animals. Move on to the solar plexus chakra (yellow)citrine or gold tigers eye.  Place the pillow on the chakra. This is just one suggestion for using the pillows.  You may use them in a myriad of different ways, adding stones to them, using one pillow, etc.  Be creative! Weight Loss Chakra Pillow:  This pillow is great for those of you who are seeking an aid in your weight loss program.
These two stones together are a powerhouse of energies directed toward reaching your weight loss goals.
This pillow is best used by placing it on the chakra which you know is at the core of your overeating issues. This pillow is to be used for accessing karmic wisdom and providing past life healing here in the present.
The pillow may be used by placing it on the forehead for past life recall and on the solar plexus for emotional release. When working with the pillow for past life recall, use the intention to learn how a past life is influencing you today in your life and how you can integrate this wisdom into your daily life. Obsidian is a very powerful stone that grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane, bringing them under the direction of the conscious will and making it possible to manifest spiritual energies on earth. Use this pillow if you are feeling ungrounded and in need of releasing excess energy into the earth. Kunzite awakens the heart center and unconditional love, producing loving thoughts and communication. Use this pillow if you are seeking deep connection to the universal energies of love and peace. To use this pillow, place it upon the second chakra and visualize yourself with all that you want in your life.
Healing the Healer Chakra Pillow This pillow is perfect for all energyworkers and those who work in the healing professions. To use the pillow, place the pillow on the 2nd chakra, take in deep breaths, breathing in the relaxing aroma of the lavender flowers, and visualize yourself safe and protected from unwanted energies of others or energies that may be projected toward you. I offer multiple recommendations so that you can intuitively choose the crystal or crystals that will work best for you.

You can choose the crystal you are most drawn to from the suggested crystals or you can pick multiple crystals.
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It contains two powerful stones that help us toward our goal of losing weight.  Apatite suppresses hunger, raises the metabolic rate and encourages healthy eating!
This chakra holds the soul into incarnation and links the physical body to the earth through the grounding cord.
If you have intense spiritual experiences it is recommended that you routinely release excess energy. This pillow may also aide you in your communication with trees and plants.  Tree agate provides a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature and nature spirits. This pillow may aid you in your quest!  Moss agate is the stone that attracts wealth and abundance. Feel as though you already have what you desire, and don’t forget to see how you might help others with this abundance as well. Hold the intention of healing for yourself, feeling the release of unwanted energies and being re-balanced again.
It enhances self worth and aids inner beauty.*  Use this pillow if you are your own worst critic and need to work on expressing love toward yourself.
It can help you to love yourself.*The rose petals further enhance the properties of attracting love into your life. Labradorite is the perfect stone to help us through this time as it helps during change, bringing strength and perseverance. Pick your favorite crystal or try a combination of them to find your perfect crystal prescription.
It is also beneficial to combine your preferred weight loss crystal with a crystal to help boost metabolism. This way you can pick and choose the crystals that you feel most drawn to for assisting you in your weight loss goals. Crystals and energy healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. You may experience thoughts or visions from the past that will be brought to your awareness.

It brings together the energies of our mind, heart and will, creating an energetic portal, balancing and raising our awareness to the transpersonal level.* It is located 6-12 inches above the crown chakra.
It enhances your rapport with living things, facilitating communication with trees and plants.* Research has shown that physical connection with the earth can improve your immune system.
When journeying just place eye pillow over your eyes to block out the light and allow it to enhance your experience. Hematite grounds and protects, dissolves negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura.* This triple stone pillow is powerful! It brings recognition of your destiny, prepares the body and soul for the ascension process and stimulates intuition and psychic gifts.*  To use this pillow, just place it over your eyes, and take some deep breaths, breathing in the relaxing aroma of the lavender flowers. Plus you can see which cryatals Hibiscus Moon recommends and which ones have worked well for Ashley Leavy from Love & Light.
Tree agate seems to help support the immune system.*  This pillow can be used by placing it on the first or second chakra.
Visualize and call in love for yourself, your body, your voice, your personality, all of it.
Visualize yourself moving easily through your life’s changes, knowing what it is you need to do, and listening to your intuition. As you connect to the earth’s energy you draw from the earth vibration that enables you to become grounded, and you discharge into the earth your excess energy.
Perhaps it is a craving or food addition, then add a crystal to help you curb that addiction. If your intention is for communication with a tree or plant, visualize the tree or plant in your mind, take a deep breath, and speak to the tree or plant, asking to learn its wisdom or anything else you might want to know about it. Listen to the thoughts in your mind that come, and pay attention to the feelings that accompany these thoughts.
You might check out my list of crystal tips on my keyword site map to see if any other crystal tips might also be beneficial to you.

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