However, before you start any of the fad diets or lose-weight-fast diets that you see online, remember a word of caution, these may be beneficial for the short term but, it is hardly useful in the long run. Here is a list of the best lose-weight-fast diets online. A well known Hollywood celebrity and singer, Beyonce Knowles have reportedly tried this diet to lose weight. The drink that forms the core component of the Master Cleanse diet is made with a combination of filtered water mixed with maple syrup, organic lemons, cayenne pepper and sea salt. It is believed that this kind of a diet plan helps to energize the body and has a detoxifying effect that results in quick weight loss.
Another diet that allows people to lose up to 10 pounds in a week is the cabbage soup diet.
It basically consists of an extremely low calorie diet where an individual is only allowed to have cabbage soup along with some vegetables, fruit and meat on alternate days. The ultimate crash diet would let you thrive only on green vegetables like spinach, lettuce and broccoli. Download The Nutritious Life Guide to Cleansing and learn the right way to detox your body, complete with recipes, shopping guides, and 6 different cleanses to choose from! Very infrequently I may have a client who needs something extreme to break a cycle and get to a new starting point on a healthy diet and a food cleanse isn’t an option because they’re overwhelmed by the prep (simple as it may be) or really resistant to alternatives.
After a binge (typical especially during the Christmas holidays and during the New Year’s Eve), one usually feels fat due to too much sodium (should be limited to half a teaspoon of salt per day) and too much sugar which increases water retention causing bloating. Whether you want to lose weight and make your belly, legs, butt, hips and face more beautiful and slimmer, it's the best way to lose weight quickly without diet pills or hard exercises. The menu of the first days of this cleanse diet is super light: the calories are few, only 950 calories in total. It will throw up thousands of results that would cater to your requirements by adequately informing you about various weight loss diets.

This is basically a liquid diet that prescribes the consumption of a lemon based drink for a period of 14 days. And ever since this news broke out, many have tried out the famous Master Cleanse or Lemonade diet.
Sometimes, a laxative tea is also mixed with the drink to remove the toxic elements from the body. Those following this diet plan have to live on this concoction for 2 weeks, before starting their normal meals.
You would not be allowed to add seasonings to it and you can either eat them raw or bake it.
Along with this, drink lots of water and exercise for at least 45 minutes everyday for losing at least a pound on a daily basis. Eating proper portions of fiber rich, high antioxidant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and also eating lean protein and healthy fat, will give you the results you want for your health and weight for the long term. I may green light a liquid cleanse for a specific situation or condition such as an individual needing to recover from GI distress.
If you want to take your healthy diet up a notch and give yourself a nutrition boost and weight loss push, try one of my real food cleanses!
To get back in shape and to cleanse and purify the body after bingeing on food, you should follow a diet to cleanse which has seafood, white meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables rich in potassium.
In this menu, there is a pineapple which is diuretic that stimulates the kidneys and eliminates toxins.
So, when people are trying to lose weight, they are no longer seeing a dietician or a fitness trainer, the first thing that they are doing is searching for the best lose-weight-fast diets online.
The most searched diets plans on the internet consist of the fad diets and these quick weight loss plans act as wonder drugs for those who are willing to shed the extra pound within a very short period of time.

The person following this diet is not allowed to have any solid food during this time and has to only depend on this drink by consuming several portions of it throughout the day.
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With this cleanse diet for three days; the body gets rid of excess fluids, liquids, and toxins. Thanks to its content of bromelain(1), the pineapple also helps in the digestion of proteins. For breakfast, we have a milkshake (rich in calcium) and banana (source of potassium) that when put together have a diuretic effect on the body. Proteins are provided by cottage cheese and white meat which unlike red meat does not cause the production of nitrogenous waste and is easier on the kidneys. The diuretic action of pineapples becomes more intense when this fruit is eaten with sea fish (source of iodine that accelerates the metabolism) and raw vegetables (rich in water). The coffee should be drunk bitter because sugars facilitate water retention and hinder the beneficial water draining effect of caffeine. To drain fluids and toxins from the body, we have the dandelion (which like all bitter vegetables also has a cleansing action on the liver) and green salads, rich in water. Rice (unlike pasta) does not contain gluten (responsible for water retention): rice provides energy without making you fat. On this first day of the diet, we also have green tea, which also eliminates of toxins and burns calories.

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