Wilson Combat has been in the custom 1911 game since the 1970’s, so it is no surprise that they would take that expertise and integrate it into their own AR platform.
What a lot of people don’t realize is that Wilson Combat makes these, among many of their parts 100% in-house, rather than farm them out. The BILLet-AR was developed by Bill Wilson and the Wilson Combat design team to address structural design weaknesses they saw in standard USGI receivers. Later this quarter, we will build out the set Wilson sent us for testing and get some video of it running. To find out more anout the Wilson Combat BILLet Matched Upper and Lower Receiver, visit Wilson Combat. Lower Receiver - Our high quality lower receivers are precision CNC machined from a 7075-T6 aluminum forging and finished in Black Armor Tuff®. PLEASE NOTE: It is the purchaser’s responsibility to obtain a transferring FFL dealer to complete this purchase.
Was looking to build an AR-15 and after looking at many placed, decided on Wilson Combat for my Lower Receiver and many of the parts.

I was looking to build a new AR and, having just ordered a CQB, thought Id give a Wilson lower a try. Late last year, Wilson released its own-stripped billet upper and lower receiver as an option for customers who want to upgrade to a matched billet set. The flared magwell is well integrated into the design and just the right size for those quick reloads without being to bulky. Subscribe to Guns & Tactics Magazine to receive email updates and special offers direct to your inbox! Jody holds multiple professional certifications including the NRA basic firearm instructor and RO training.
When it comes time to build the ultimate rifle, a Wilson Combat lower receiver is the ulimate foundation. Please have your dealer fax or email us a copy of their FFL license as soon as your order is placed.
While the upper receiver bolt raceway is designed for smoother chambering, and the lower receiver magazine well is over-sized to help reduce reload times.

One of my favorite features is rubber insert set deep into the lower receiver that allows for a snug upper-to-lower fit without having to mash it together when pressing the rear pin. When he isn’t teaching or training, he writes and photographs regularly for a number of online and print publications.
Late last year, Wilson released its own stripped billet upper and lower receiver as an option for customers who want to upgrade to a matched billet set. Make sure your name and order confirmation # are clearly indicated in the fax or email to avoid any processing delays.

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