I spent eight weeks in the summer of 2014 wearing the Cool Fat Burner vest and posting weekly about my results.
First, I was sure to make no adjustment to my diet or exercise routines (I eat good and get regular exercise, but am not super regimented about either).
Second, the Cool Fat Burner recommends that you wear the vest in a room of 70 degrees or less. Summary: I'm not even really sure what this is after reading about it, but apparently it isn't effected by cold.
Summary: Although there were no big changes, the overall effect was a slight uptick on otherwise healthy blood. Summary: With slight movement in both over 8 weeks, I essentially had no change in my body fat percentage or my total weight.
Increase adiponeptin and irisin, re-establish primal health, and possibly even increase longevity!
Summary: While I do not show signs of insulin sensitivity, my glucose level lowered 18 points. Summary: I experience fewer than typical occurrences of aches and pains related to life and exercise.
Unfortunately, this thing is called the Cool Fat Burner and the one thing it did not do for me was burn body fat. 1) For me, 17-18% body fat (remember, I used to be obese) is on the borderline between "Fit" and "Acceptable." If my percentage were significantly higher, fat loss percentage due to cold may have been different. 2) Had I been able to control the temperature of my room, the Cool Fat Burner may have been able to induce significant body fat burn.
Cool Fat Burner – Possibly an Easy Way to Lose Weight Rapidly by Wearing an Ice Vest!
Wearing the ice vest regularly is meant to boost your metabolism, burn fat, boost the immune system and help to activate deeper sleep.
It was a bit expensive as the shipping to the UK was about $45, but if it is as good as the advertisement looks this is exactly what I have been looking for. You may have been following my progress with the cold thermogenesis protocol I have been following, involving paddling pools; this will be much better and more comfortable.
I have tried all kind of ways to place ice on parts of my body, from those ice packs you place in cool boxes to bags of peas and bags of ice cubes.
These methods just don’t seem to work are uncomfortable, wet and prevent you from moving around. On the cool fat burning website there are pictures of a person wearing the ice vest while watching TV and working on a computer.
As the delivery to the UK was so high I asked if it was possible to buy the ice packs in the UK.
Here are a couple of videos you may be interested in that shows some experiences with ice packs (Cool Fat Burner) and ice water. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. The Cool Fat Burner activates brown fat!For the first time ever, a stand-alone cooling vest is proven to activate brown fat, and keep it active for long after removing the vest!
UPDATE: The Cool Fat Burner proves it can maintain maximal brown fat levels, even through a hot summer season! Triple calorie burn and metabolism in the lab…The Cool Fat Burner is put to the scientific test and shown in the lab to boost metabolism up to 300% above normal!!! Do not wear the Cool Fat Burner or Cool Gut Buster against bare skin — wear clothing underneath! Darker complexioned users are more prone to cryoburn and sub dermal bruising that may leave long-lasting discoloration.

Consult with your physician before use.  Do not use for more than 25-30 minutes authorized by your physician. Extreme cold, especially from the Hybrid packs, may cause fat cell apoptosis, and spot reduce fat. Extreme cold near the skin for extended periods of time can cause cryoburn or even frostbite.  Cold exposure for long periods of time can lead to hypothermia. Do not place gel pack directly on the skin, use gel packs only in “Cool Fat Burner” and “Cool Gut Buster” fabric vests. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a history of heart conditions consult with a physician before using this product. Do not sleep or lay in a reclining posture when wearing the Cool Fat Burner or Cool Gut Buster. Do not use gel packs if punctured; liquid material is biodegradable, dispose of appropriately. The Cool Fat Burner will not have or assume any financial responsibility or liability for medical expenses for any injury resulting from the use of this product. Condensation and wetness can form on the Cool Fat Burner and Cool Gut Buster cooling vests… be considerate of clothing, furniture, etc.
We do not refund for mistakes made by customers entering the wrong shipping address, and not receiving their CFB.
Re: partial returns on combo deals -- combo deals reward customers with huge discounts (up to 25%). Note: we reserve the right to only refund 100% (not the bonus 110% of item price) for "mistaken" orders, "unwanted gifts," "same day returns," and other similar "change of mind" episodes. We will not be held liable for mistakes in shipping made by the USPS, nor for customers who give incorrect shipping information.
Manufacturer's warranty: the Cool Fat Burner will replace for up to 1 year due to problems, defects, or failures.
The Cool Fat Burner proved yet again it is the ONLY cooling vest that can burn 500 calories in a few hours.
I love the benefits I get from taking an ice bath but I don’t always have time to make a bath and sit in it for 30-60 minutes. Junior is a lifelong competitive athlete who uses the Cool Fat Burner to help recover from workouts, boost metabolism and increase fat burning and cut weight for competition, and help enhance rest, relaxation, and sleep.
I’ve been using cold thermogenesis for a couple of years now after hearing about it’s benefits.
World champion Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teacher and competitor Daniel Beliza uses the Cool Fat Burner to help recover from workouts, for rest and relaxation, and to achieve a better, deeper sleep. I like the CFB not only because of the extra calorie burning, but because it helps me relax from evening workouts and go to sleep easier instead of being wired the west of the night trying to sleep. My first experience with Cold Adaptation occurred during military survival training and though I felt stronger, leaner, and more capable, the ‘light bulb’ did not illuminate for me until years later. As a runner, triathlete, and endurance athlete I have to workout in all conditions and for long hours.
The world's first cooling vest PROVEN to triple calorie burn, activate brown fat, increase adiponectin and irisin levels, increase insulin sensitivity, rebalance hormones, and help burn calories and fat while preserving and building muscle. Increase adiponectin and irisin, re-establish primal health and possibly even increase longevity! The Cool Fat Burner is presented as being able to provide results without additional lifestyle changes. I must have had some other thing going on to effect them this way, however, I have to conclude that whatever effect cold has on testosterone is not enough to prevent a drop like this in an otherwise healthy male.
What does the Cool Fat Burner do if you 1) eat well without food micromanagement, 2) are physically active, but not a crazy athlete, 3) are unable to maintain a 70 degree Fahrenheit environment.

In the official Cool Fat Burner laboratory videos, the rooms were at a much colder temperature then my house during the summer. If you have any questions or comments, if you think I missed something, let me know in the comments.
Certainly I get many strange looks from my husband as I try to strap on various cold packs onto parts of my body.
Swimming in cold water is great but I have found a large lake to swim in about 10 miles from my home this means I can only swim there at weekends, and as we progress into winter the water temperature will be too cold. Below I have found some products that will help you to achieve your cold themogenesis protocols.
If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Age, gender, diet, physical activity level, hormone profile, etc., can all factor in weight-loss and thermal loading cold thermogenesis effectiveness. The copycat cooling vests cannot burn half that even if you wore them for 24 hours straight!
UCSD does not endorse the use of any product or protocol for cold induced calorie burning; results may vary. The Cool Fat Burner is SUPER convenient and allows me experience many of the same benefits with out taking up all my time. When I saw the CFB I ordered right away, as the downside to my cold therapy before was making time to soak in a cold tub, something I couldn’t always manage. Initially it was a strange new experience for me, but there have been countless great things since I started using it.
I found myself ALWAYS cold and fatigued while training and found out I had adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues. There is a long list of purported benefits linked to cold thermogenisis and thus, the use of this vest. For the most part, over these 8 weeks I experienced very few incidents of pain, inflammation, stiffness, or soreness. Neither can be measured outside of a lab and must be specifically requested through specific facilities. BAT is located around the back of the neck, including the trapezius and spinal column, and the chest area covering the carotid, subclavical and sternum areas.
Seek medical help if you experience any symptoms or health problems.  Discontinue use if experiencing burning and tingling.
Wearing the CFB solves that problem, and now with the CGB as well it’s even more effective! I don't know if that experience qualifies as direct evidence, but I suspect that there was a beneficial effect.
I’ve experienced improved body composition, better cold tolerance, gains in strength and endurance, and decreased inflammation.
He wore both the CFB and the CGB, she wore only the CFB.  They did NO exercise and did not count calories. Simply put, the Cool Fat Burner has history, passion, and excellence behind it that demands real results.

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