The "New York Times" Bestseller!LOSE UP TO 25 POUNDS IN 8 WEEKS AND KEEP IT OFF!The human body evolved to resist starvation by holding on to fat. Wendy Chant may have some impressive credentials behind her name, she’s a Certified Master Personal Trainer (MPT), a Specialist in Performance Nutrition (SPN), and she has a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Sciences and Nutrition Science.
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You wont feel punished because with Wendy’s help you learn the science of how normal everday foods can be used to work with your body in order to shed unwanted pounds and on top of that she writes in a language clear for you to understand.
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When Will The Bad News Ever Stop!!Now They Say Flavor Seasonings Like Adobo, Accent and Sazon Can Get You Fat.Dana on OMG!!! Developed by leading nutrition specialist Wendy Chant, the plan is scientifically designed to help you "outsmart" your body's natural cycles for storing and burning calories."Crack the Fat Loss Code" teaches you how to boost your metabolism through "macro-patterning"--a simple routine of alternating carb-up, carb-down, and baseline days.

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