Then you're ready for Wendy Chant, MPT, SPN -- a likeable high-energy sort who holds not just a master of personal training degree but also a specialist in performance nutrition degree. Chant, a former marathon runner and bodybuilder from Central Florida, first learned the science behind trimming down and powering up for competition, then put pen to paper to create her hot new book, Crack The Fat-Loss Code (McGraw-Hill). I have to admit that a "scientific" approach to weight loss sounded like something that would be dry and difficult to follow. Chant has done the homework for us and she writes in such an easy to understand style that you'll quickly embrace her formula.
Once you understand that the human body evolved to resist starvation by holding on to fat you understand why it's so darn hard to lose weight! Chant notes, "My plan is scientifically designed to help you outsmart your body's natural cycles for storing and burning calories. I went on a 15 night cruise to Hawaii last year and didn't gain any weight, thanks to Wendy's plan. Being in touch with your body's signals is so important, but when one has spent the better part of one's adult life ignoring those signals sometimes it is hard to receive them. I think that part of cracking the Fat-loss code is retraining oneself to listen to your body and not to let bad habits override those signals. Following Wendy Chant's CRACK THE FAT LOSS CODE plan will help me reach my goals and MAINTAIN my weight loss. I have been following this plan for the past 2 years and for the first time in my life, not only have I taken off the weight, but have kept it off.
This is the first time ~after many many programs~ where someone took the time to explain, in English, what the body needs from food and how food is used. Hi Softballmoms - congrats on your decision to change your lives and your commitment to do it together. As far as specifics in the first few weeks - Week 1 was really hard for me as I LOVE carbs and sweets.
It is an amazing plan - solid nutrition that you can live with - don't over analyze it - do the first week PURE - NO CHEATING - and learn from the science what our food does to our bodies.
Just a question, though, I have fibromyalgia, does anyone know if this diet will work for me?
AND I need to have carbs (bread) or I am too tired to do anything but sit in a chair all day, or stay in bed. So,if anyone has fibro, I would love your comment, if anyone has medical knowledge, I would appreciate your advice, too.
Thanks Jannet, Yes the body is an Amazing Gift and a Great passion of mine to teach others! Jenni you have identified one of the best parts about “Crack the Fat Loss Code” you can stay on this plan because you build it into your life! Sugar free jello and sugar free fudgsicles are on the plan for a treat to help you feel satisfied.

I just started the diet today and so far I have felt great not really that hungry, Well maybe the Trimspa is helping with that aspect too. The only question or 'concern' I have is the fact that it suggests or supports artificial sweeteners.
It is estimated by the RVC that as many as 87% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of three suffer from periodontal disease and as a result many insurance companies will not cover your pet for dental conditions unless they are caused by an accident rather than wear and tear. Getting your dog or cat to accept their teeth being brushed from a young age is considered the most beneficial way you can reduce plaque build up[1]. The theory that a diet including raw bones is better than commercial food for dental heath is not completely true. Interestingly in a 2012 survey[4] of 1101 vets and vet nurses 14% recommended a raw meaty bone diet to promote oral health (after tooth brushing), whereas 36% thought they were bad for dog’s teeth! In the same study over 76% of vets and vet nurses recommended that feeding a dry diet as a main meal was best for maintaining oral health. If your dog eats quickly or swallows the kibble whole you can increase chewing time by changing to our larger breed kibble Burns Original Large and Giant Breed or by feeding your dog from an interactive toy such as the Kong® Wobbler. Your Complete Fat Burning Diet and Exercise Guide That is Scientifically Proven to Rapidly Burn Off Stubborn Fat From Your Legs, Buttocks, and Belly.
The plan teaches you to boost your metabolism through 'macro-patterning' -- a simple routine of alternating carb-up, carb-down, and baseline days. I weigh 155 pounds and haven't lost a pound since I had my daughter (which was in November).
I was not ever hungry physically - but mentally wanted to snack on things like fruit loops. I talk with and receive emails everyday from people struggling with their weight and health.
The main thing to look for is that the treat is sugar free and not ice cream but only the jello or no added sugar fudgsicle.
Currently I am losing weight doing 1500 calories and keeping my exercise routine mixed up, but I am trying to plan for a plateau. However, brushing should be introduced gradually and should always be a positive experience for your pet – your vet can help you with technique. Although this type of natural diet has been shown to reduce tartar, studies have found evidence of periodontitis in feral cats in Australia[2], and in 41% of African Wild Dogs studied[3], in fact wild predators eating a diet with a high bone content suffer more dental fractures. This advice has previously been criticised because the abrasive action of dry food will not work if it is a very delicate kibble (easy to crunch) or is swallowed whole. Saliva contains anti-bacterial properties and can help to remove plaque by a flushing action[6]. Relationship between diet, dental calculus and periodontal disease in domestic and feral cats in Australia. We were wondering if anybody had tips for the grocery shopping aspect of this diet, being that we are 21 and 20 we already don't know what to do when we shop for groceries.

If you've already bought and read Wendy's book you will see that there is no "prescribed" menu you must follow. Planned breaks from any plan in life is called a vacation, so why not take an eating vacation once and a while and never feel guilty about it.
Never use toothpastes for humans - it includes fluoride and foaming agents which are not designed to be swallowed by pets. In order for food to mechanically clean the teeth using an abrasive action it has to be chewed properly.
Several studies[7] have shown that giving a daily chew does in fact help to keep the teeth clean.
In Fascetti A J and Delaney S L (eds),Applied Veterinary Clinical Nutrition, Wiley Blackwell, Chichester: 175-219.
We were also wondering what to expect (in great detail) for the first couple of weeks, like how many pounds we should expect. After your little break you will be ready to go back to your plan renewed and ready to continue a great way of living! I haven't weighed myself I'm not going to till the end of the week.(I know better then to weigh everyday.
One of the first symptoms may be bad breath but you may also see your pet start to drool, refuse food (or select only soft food) or paw at their mouth.
Even though we know it all depends on the person we figure this information will help us begin our program as well as feel confident that it will work. As far as a shopping list goes - the first week is a breeze as you can't each much - eggs, egg whites, lean ground beef (I cook up a few pounds, weigh out the proper amount and freeze in ziplock bags), LOTS of broccoli, asparagus, leafy lettuce, cukes, chicken breasts to grill OR pregrilled chicken breasts, cottage cheese, whey protein powder (LOW carb! Periodontal disease or periodontitis is the term given to a group of conditions involving inflammation of the gums, ligaments and other structures surrounding the teeth. Also a little confused that I don't really see Protein with Starch with a Fat on Carb Up days? But again, I don't have a lot to lose at this point (another 5-7 pounds total) and I was REALLY enjoying those carb up days.
I tried that Suzanne Somers diet briefly and realized it is unrealistic to never have a sandwich or a turkey burger- or starch with meat ever again.
I can look forward to my days (usually 2 a week) when I can have my pizza, pasta, alcohol, dessert, whatever.
It was a reasonable amount of weight to lose and kept me feeling good on those carb down days when I wanted bread. I didn't weight myself all week because I really didn't think I was losing that much with no exercise.

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