As a consequence, it is likely that your metabolism is slower meaning that you need fewer calories to maintain your current weight. Your body has further tricks up it’s sleeve to get energy and your brain triggers intense cravings and increases your appetite.
The starvation response explains why people experience such poor results with crash dieting, are unable to maintain any weight loss and worse still end up having a greater percentage of fat when they regain the weight they lost than when they first started their crash diet! Starvation mode will conserve energy by slowing down your metabolism, therefore destroying everything you are working to achieve. Once regular eating continues, your body will store calories as fat in order to survive the next time it goes without food. Research suggests that the body loses a disproportionately high amount of muscle during very low calorie intake and that this may suppress metabolism by up to 45 percent.
The basic formula to lose fat quickly in a healthy and controlled way is to decrease your caloric intake and increase how often you exercise. This entry was posted in BEST WAY TO LOSE BELLY FAT and tagged crash diets, how to lose belly fat, Lose Fat Quickly, Quick and Easy Weight Loss, tips to lose belly fat, weight loss workout plan on February 9, 2016 by Flat Abs.
Millions of people around the world want to lose weight and so having a simple diet plan makes a lot of sense. But unfortunately, the majority of diets fail. This entry was posted in BEST DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT and tagged belly fat diet menu planning, crash diets, diet plan to lose weight, Foods that Fight Belly Fat, List of Negative Calorie Foods, Natural Weight Loss on June 11, 2015 by Flat Abs. The first thing to remember about fast weight loss is that it is not about going a crash diet. These 6 fast weight loss tips will help you lose weight quickly and are great to share with your friends.
This entry was posted in HOW TO GET FLAT ABS FAST and tagged belly fat diet plan, benefits of exercise, Best Diet for Flat Stomach, Best Diet to Lose Weight, crash diets, exercise to lose weight, fast weight loss, Foods that Fight Belly Fat, List of Negative Calorie Foods, lose belly fat naturally, unusual tips to lose belly fat fat loss factor on April 30, 2015 by Flat Abs.
The idea of losing weight generally crops up only when there is some wedding or some other function coming up. Crash diets are those which instruct you to eat very little quantity so that you can burn fat very fast. Here are some of the reasons why such crash diets are not good for your health in the long run. So automatically your body in order to guard you when you are on a crash diet slows down the metabolism process, so you end up burning smaller amount of calories every day.
Which in turn means once you stop the crash diet and get back to your normal diet you will gain all the weight that you lost.

On top of all this, these crash diet procedures may result in spoiling your health by causing hair fall, skin disorders, weariness, irritability, and finally you are totally exhausted and tired.
However, in truth, body fat hasn’t decreased much and instead healthy muscle is lost. Since the body is driving all it can into fat cells, while simultaneously releasing little of what is held in the cells, the body needs to find energy from elsewhere to power your everyday physical activity (e.g.
Even worse, when the weight goes back on, you usually only regain fat! This means, your metabolic rate is likely to have dropped a little every time you’ve crash dieted, making it slightly harder each time you go on a new diet to lose weight. So much so, that even the most strong-willed person would find it difficult not to succumb to binge eating or cheating on a crash diet.
There are many so called ‘fad diets’ and ‘crash diets’ that promise to help you shed unwanted fat in super quick time. Dieters either never reach their goals or they gain the weight back once they’re off the diet. Instead of helping a person develop healthy eating habits, many diets require you to virtually eliminate many foods. Crash diets are not healthy and often restrict certain foods groups and can leave you feeling hungry all the time. If you want to lose weight, you don’t have to be constantly hungry and starve yourself. By sharing these simple changes to your lifestyle, you and your friends can avoid the all-or-nothing approach and see more weight loss than you ever thought possible. I know quick weight loss is something that everyone yearns for, but one should understand that it should not be at the cost of their health. When this happens the body reacts in view of that and begins to burn only lesser and lesser calories. This way you will only need lesser and lesser calories to keep on reducing weight because your body would have got used burning lesser and lesser calories.
This kind of situation will not arise if you adhere to a better planned diet which reduces the weight gradually and not in an instant. So ultimately during the day of the function you will look dull which is something you do not want.
Your thyroid hormones (regulates metabolic rate) also decrease, leading to a further drop in metabolic rate, in order to conserve energy.

For weight loss to continue, you need to create a bigger calorie deficit, which means you’ve got to reduce your calories further, creating a vicious circle. Possibly one of the worst effects of metabolic slowdown is that once you stop the diet and start to eat what used to be your normal daily maintenance level of calories, you may gain the weight you lost right back and some people put on even more.
This means that even if you have only put back on the same amount of weight you lost, you may still be worse off, because you have a greater amount of fat than what you started off with. These are not easy diets to follow because they’re not natural and once you’re off the diet, you go right back to your old eating habits.
You just have to be more conscious of what you eat, avoid to much sugar and fat, and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. This ultimately slows down the general process of metabolism.  It is an inside mechanism that has developed over all these years ever since our forefathers lived in forests and when food was in limited supply. More than anything else weight lost gradually will not bounce back, so you can maintain it.
This loss of muscle, in turn lowers metabolic rate so that the body needs fewer calories to keep ticking over and weight loss slows down. But if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s going to do little to help you shift those unwanted pounds and in fact will make things worse!
Since your metabolism has slowed down you require fewer calories than before you started the diet. They are usually too restrictive on certain food types which is not healthy and based on a short-term mindset to get results. Let’s take a look how you can create a simple diet plan that actually gets the results you want.
In response, some people on crash diets reduce their calories even further for the weight loss to continue.
The more often you crash diet and severely restrict your calorie intake without exercising, the more likely you’ll have a lot less muscle compared to the very first time you dieted.

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