Losing weight and burning fat is never an easy journey; Even though you eat healthy and workout often, sometimes you need some extra help when you hit a roadblock in your weight loss journey. You’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits that coconut oil has, but despite its high fat content coconut oil is also a great food for burning fat. For the best fat loss results replace your usual cooking oil with coconut oil and eat a teaspoon with every meal.
Researchers have found that eating barley for breakfast might keep your blood sugar levels even, preventing that awful sugar and fat cravings.
Marmite is a completely fat free food and has a unique mix of fiber and protein that will make you feel fuller for longer.

100 grams of Marmite has 28 grams of protein, but be aware: spread only a thin layer on toast, because Marmite has high levels of salt. One of the most common misstates we make is to eat a vegetable salad for lunch with little or no dressing, because we are starving by mid-afternoon. A salad is always a great choice, but adding some protein and a little fat will make you feel full longer. Find the tightest pants you have in your closet (but not impossible to zip) and every Friday morning put them on. Dave Asprey, the creator of “bulletproof coffee”, claims that adding two tablespoons of butter in your morning coffee can give you 6 hours of energy and burns fat all day.

Replacing a healthy diet with a “bulletproof coffee” could lead to lack of nutrients in your diet, and potentially increase your cholesterol levels, but the “bulletproof coffee” advocates clam it’s better to fuel your body with fat than carbohydrates. Top your greens with a piece of chicken breast and two tablespoons of light salad dressing and your salad will get you through the 3 p.m. Like other oats, it is a carbohydrate with a low GI that makes it a perfect alternative for your morning breakfast.

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