It has been suggested that Creatine supplementation can help the energy reserves in muscles by increasing Phosocreatine (PCr) stores, which in-turn support the resynthesis of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the body's primary source of energy. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. SPNa€™s MyoCUTS formulation has been carefully researched and developed according to the latest advancements in performance enhancing nutritional technology; scientifically formulated to provide you with cutting edge metabolic support in your quest to shred fat, boost energy and trigger lean muscle growth.
MyoCUTS is powered by a proprietary Adrenergic Activating, Lipolysis and Thermogenesis stimulating blend, which includes L-Tyrosine, Synephrine, Caffeine, Green tea leaf and Grapefruit extracts, synergistically complexed to produce a thermogenic response, encouraging your body to metabolise body fat and boost energy levels. Get ready to shred body fat, boost energy and focus and take your lean muscle building gains to another level with SPNa€™s MyoCUTS! Twenty-four members of the Bulgarian National Weightlifting Team were selected to participate in a landmark double-blind clinical study comparing Kre-AlkalynA® to standard creatine monohydrate. In just 60 days, the Kre-AlkalynA® group experienced an overall average strength increase of 28.5% above those in the creatine monohydrate group!

Graphical Representation Depicting Increase in Daily Thermogenic Calorie Expenditure by Supplementing with Key Ingredients in MyoCUTS. SPN is a leading science-based sports nutrition company and with our products being used by so many professional, drug tested athletes, we have the responsibility to provide safe and efficacious products!
Kre-AlkalynA® is a registered trademark of All American Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corporation. For athletes, this can result in support and energy output during exercise, increased muscular endurance, faster recovery time, and an overall decrease in performance fatigue. On athletic training days: Consume with a meal or immediately after training with your post-workout proteins shake. Kre-Alkalyna€™sA® unique a€?buffereda€? formulation ensures that the creatine molecule is protected from stomach acids and therefore does not convert into creatinine prior to reaching skeletal muscle tissue. We therefore take a great deal of precautionary measures to ensure that our products are formulated and manufactured free from steroids, stimulants and other ingredients listed on WADA's "prohibited list", which could produce a positive result under IOC (International Olympic committee) rules.

Kre-AlkalynA® is a multi-patented product (USA # 6,399,661, Australia # AU2003203344, New Zealand #519305). BioperineA® is a multi-patented product (US Patents #5,536,506, #5,744,161 and #5,972,382, and #6,054,585). Train harder, longer, and recuperate faster with one of the safest and most researched sports supplements on the market.

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