About The MotorcycleThe bike is customised on theme 'THE PHANTOM' it has got dimensions of harley Davidson fat boy, wide forks, streached out seating position so to provide comfort in long drives, a big bike feel , a true blue cruised made by an experienced engineer, custom paint, free flow k&n filter, Pirelli tyers , a proud possession who always wanna ride a big boy Harley. After their cleansing and mechanical deep cleansing, I can feel deep in my pores all the impurities are removed and my skin felt so soft and ready for the facial treatment. When the mask was put on me, you can see my face colour is normal but in next photo you will see my skin turning slightly red. After the massage, I tested out Bio stimulation – which is an oxygenic booster mask with LED light therapy for whitening, brightening and volumizing.
LED light therapy is combined with this breakthrough treatment to enhance the brightening and volumizing. Whether you’re just trying to trim up for summer, or looking for a full body overhaul, I am committed to providing a friendly and personalised service to assist you in reaching, and possibly exceeding, your goals. I had my eyes closed but I felt 2 nice fluffy brushes going all over my face and the more they brush, the more foam I felt on my face.

On top of that, an intensive hydration treatment which has customized essences according to the skin type which will be applied on the face and eyes area.
You can see a huge difference especially on my dark under eye circle improved so much after only first session. I’m passionate about helping people improve their lives by combining effective and individualised exercise programming with internationally recognised and up-to-date nutrition information.
At Skin Science, they fully understand quality and effectiveness of different products on their client’s skin types.
Skin Science are so experienced and they noted my problems without me having to say much at all. The redness is there due to enhanced blood circulation and the essences being active on my skin to promote cell growth. My dark spots are significantly lighter and you can see my skin look fairer and more radiant.

I must say I was surprised that there was a lot of sharing during the session relevant to my own skin. I have learnt a lot of new things about my own skin type. Many of their clients went back home to take photos of the products that they are using and send it to Skin Science to check if the content is suitable for their skin and if they are using it correctly. I feel that this is what most of the facial places lack off nowadays – A PROPER NICE FACE PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE!!!

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