Refined sugar is associated with many health issues, there are literally hundreds of conditions and illnesses that sugar consumption can cause or worsen but here are just a few of them: The obvious ones are diabetes and blood sugar levels but refined sugar also creates a high and crash effect that leaves you unable to focus or put any energy towards important projects , leaves you feeling miserable afterword, can make you appear older by causing sagging skin and old age spots, it is the leading cause of tooth decay, it has no nutritional value, it can cause gallstones and eventual need to have surgery to remove gallbladder, contributes to adrenal fatigue, it creates excessive cravings for food high in salt, sugar and fat.
Refined sugars are fructose, honey, cane sugar, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup to name just a few. It won’t be easy to stop eating these types of foods right away so it is suggested to start eliminating a few foods every month and replace them with something unprocessed. About KatKat is a married mom of three kids aged 13, 4, and 2 that lives close to Birmingham, AL. The growing consensus among scientists is that small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can cause lasting damage to human health, especially during fetal development and early childhood. EWG research has found that people who eat five fruits and vegetables a day from the Dirty Dozen list consume an average of 10 pesticides a day. The data used to create these lists is based on produce tested as it is typically eaten (meaning washed, rinsed or peeled, depending on the type of produce). EWG analysts have developed the Guide based on data from nearly 96,000 tests for pesticide residues in produce conducted between 2000 and 2008 and collected by the U.S. Have you ever heard the advice, “Never eat at night because the calories will be stored as fat”? I was editing an article that I wrote a couple of months ago when I came across a section that caught my attention. I realize that this may be a bit of a controversial idea, but that doesn’t make it any less true.
Caloric intake to lose weight is a popular topic in the weight loss industry because it turns weight loss into a simple math problem.
If you have read our stuff or listened to the podcast, then you already know that we are not huge fans of calorie counting for long-term fat loss. In this article, I offer an approach to calorie management that will allow you to personalize your program beyond the simple calorie equations. After you have figured out your RMR,  you will need to multiply the RMR by what is called an Activity Coefficient (AC). If you are eating fewer calories than you calculated for your RMR, simply increase your caloric intake to the RMR (without the Activity Coefficient), that’s right, I said INCREASE your caloric intake. If you’re eating more calories than your RMR and Activity Coefficient together, then we will attempt to decrease your caloric intake to get you losing weight. If you are going to use calorie-counting as a tactic for weight loss, I highly recommend an eBook by Tom Venuto, called Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. Refined sugar is terrible for people trying to lose weight because it is very high in calories and has absolutely no nutritional value.
Families that are successful in changing their diet make change gradually and involve their children the new food choices.

She loves cats, books, cooking, hockey (especially the Chicago Blackhawks & Pittsburgh Penguins), and watching movies. Scientists now know enough about the long-term consequences of ingesting these powerful chemicals to advise that we minimize our consumption of pesticides. Those who eat from the 15 least contaminated conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables ingest fewer than 2 pesticides daily. I wanted to give you an exert from this section with hopes that you guys will be moved as well. Let’s face it, losing weight can be a battle, especially when we get to those last 10-20 pounds of stubborn fat! Motivation kills weight loss, let me explain why… Personal development author Steve Chandler speaks about how motivation is over-rated.
Low Calorie Breakfast Is Not It The low calorie movement is one of those “vampire myths”, because it refuses to die!
With that said, this tactic can be a useful tool to use in the beginning of your program in order to calibrate your body to a healthy diet. Below you will find two equations, the first equation is the Super Easy Method for determining calorie needs for the day. The equation provides you with the number of calories that you will consume for the purpose of losing weight, maintaining weight, and gaining muscle. The More Accurate Method -This method is based on solid scientific research and will provide you with a more accurate representation of your resting metabolic rate, which is slightly higher than your basal metabolic rate (the number of calories that you would burn if you laid in bed all day). Basically, an AC is a factor that will estimate how many calories your body will burn from every day activity.  Here are the average ACs for men and women.
The RMR is the lowest number of calories that you require to maintain life without negative health consequences.
His book is designed to get you through the process of managing calories in an easy  step-by-step system. Sugar comes in many forms, including those sugar substitute packets you are probably putting in your coffee, tea and flavored water to cut sugar consumption.
You will often find sugar in foods that are very high in sodium (salt); this is because salt in high amount does not taste good so the food or drink needs to be sweetened up to appease our taste buds. Forcing change too suddenly or quitting old habits cold turkey can have a negative effect on a family who is used to eating a certain way for most of their life. She is an admitted nerd, comic book lover, action figure & barbie doll collector, blackjack dealer, beginner croupier, and all around queen of the dorks. An admitted nerd, dork, movie & comic geek, traveler, and gamer, my 3 kids, husband, and I love to check out the newest games & movies. He currently practices in Baltimore, MD, where he owns and operates a wellness center and natural foods restaurant.

The problem is most equations for determining your daily energy intake provide generalizations that can wreak havoc on your metabolism.
The second equation is likely more accurate, but also a bit more inconvenient and confusing.
I feel that this method, although considered an educated guess, is sufficient to use as a starting point for most people. Once you calculate this number, you will decrease it by 250-500 calories to find your caloric intake to lose weight.
Metabolism suffers greatly if you eat below your RMR requirements, I actually see this quite often in my practice.
I hope you enjoyed this article on caloric intake to lose weight, for more advanced tips on weight loss, be sure to subscribe to our FREE podcast on iTunes called Cut the Fat Podcast. It is also in the low fat foods you have been substituting as a way to cut fat and calories.
His mission is to help folks to live their health potential so that they can pursue their passions with confidence and endless supplies of energy!
Many people who are eating fewer calories than their RMR dictates often find that they lose weight when they bump their caloric intake up.
If you lose weight by decreasing caloric intake by this amount, stay there until weight plateaus. Sugar is in many products that you probably had no idea it was in and it could be stalling your weight loss success.
You will also find high fructose syrup and other refined sugars in diet foods such as low fat yogurt, zero fat cottage cheese, low sodium bacon, zero or low fat lunch meats and cheeses, fat free salad dressing, fat free or low fat candy and chocolate. For most of us we already know to lose weight you have to cut the sugar, salt and bad fats. When reading a food label that is marketed as low calorie you will see that the sugar has been replaced by fat. If you do not lose weight by decreasing your calories by 250 then drop them another 100 calories. The problem is in the fact that we don’t always know that these items are hidden away in common low fat foods and food directed those trying to drop a few pounds.
To start eliminating sugar you have to also take away the high concentration of sodium and bad fats which leaves you with less processed foods and more wholesome fruits, vegetables, grains and protein. You have to read every label you come in contact with because of the way products are marketed to us you will find hidden sugar in a lot of the foods you are currently eating.

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