A fat quarter is a quarter-yard of quilting fabric that is cut in a taller and fatter shape than a standard quarter-yard. A fat quarter contains the same quarter-yard of fabric, but it is cut into a blockier shape that lends itself better to cutting squares, triangles, and other shapes. Buying a fat quarter of a fabric you see and just have to have is a great way to get your hands on the fabric without spending a fortune. I completed PCT approximately one week ago, Should I wait a longer period of time to begin to cut weight if I want to preserve my muscle?
Edit- the last thing you need to do is think about cutting until you gain at least another 20lbs of quality tissue. I was so scrawny starting off because I stopped lifting for the past year and took up boxing, Was told by a local kid that sells juice if I ran a cycle it would jump start me bulking up again. So what I'm getting here is I should stay away from the gear for the foreseeable future and not worry about cutting weight until I hit at least 200 lbs? I made each of my 3 kids a quilt, you can see the one I made for my oldest here… I shared it on Moda Bake Shop in the Spring.
This quilt uses fat quarters, and I’ve said before that I really really LOVE fat quarters! Am I crazy or is there not enough bricks for 9 rows… I need to go get more quarters, LOL!

You will find fat quarters everywhere at your local quilt shop, in bundles like the one on the right, or folded up and sold individually. We are glad you stopped by, and hope you enjoy sharing our quilting adventures and misadventures.
I'm not sure how much of what I gained was lean muscle but I am nonetheless very happy with the results. If you're swapping fat eighths, your swap hostess will tell you which measurement to use. Yes, you can cut small squares from regular quarter yards, too, but sometimes fat quarters are simply easier to deal with, especially for beginning quilters who aren't accustomed to cutting long strips of fabric. Fearing a Christmas morning full of noise and beeping, I decided they needed something soft and snuggly to balance out all of the technology. The kids drag them all over the house, take them in the car and otherwise use and abuse them and they have held up great.
You have no size at all, even now.myou need to learn how to diet and train before you even start to even consider another cycle. And those long quarter-yard cuts tend to become more distorted in the wash than fat quarters do. I am a new crafter and new blogger and need inspiration so it is wonderful for me to find this blog.

It’s great if you want to cut long fabric strips, but not so great for cutting other shapes like larger squares or triangles. I'd like to drop that weight now, but I hear that post cycle, the body is particularly prone to muscle loss if I begin to cut.
I was planning on just waiting a few weeks and then cutting fat for ~6 weeks before I start to bulk again. I just want to hear what everyone has to say before I decide what to do, so any insight is very appreciated.
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