Download The Hormone Reset Diet Heal Your Metabolism to Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 21 Days by Gottfried, Sara, M.D. Unfortunately, this piece of advice isn’t entirely accurate – and often comes from people who haven’t tried eating low-carb diets to lose weight in the first place. So, when you start a strict low-carb or no-carb diet, you’re depriving your body of one of the three inherent compounds it needs to function. In the first week or so, you’ll probably notice great results from a low-carb diet – as your body turns to carbohydrates for energy but realizes none are available, it will immediately go for your fat reserves instead. Carb cycling is tricking your metabolism into think that there are carbs available for use all of the time – but there rarely are, which leads to your body taking energy from your fat reserves at a much higher rate than usual. And therefore pre-made programs are invaluable if you want to begin your adventure with carb cycling. Having everything you need already thought out and counted for you makes the whole process so much easier. Obviously, that gets exorbitantly expensive – and most people are looking to try a new weight loss method without shelling out thousands upon thousands of dollars first.
What type of carbohydrates you choose, how you time them, and how you balance them with other nutrients in your meals will decide whether you will be able to keep your fat-burning furnace going.
Shaun also points out that his program is designed to overcome every type of adaptive response the body has to stop you from losing weight. 4 Cycle lets you understand, recognize, and neutralize your body’s adaptive reactions so you can consistently maintain fat loss. This phase is specifically designed to neutralize your body’s adaptive responses, which prevent you from losing weight.
In this phase,  you’re going to combine eating more calories than ever before with massive calorie expenditure through exercise. Hadsall explains it briefly on his official website – you do not have to buy the book to read what he explains on the main page. I am on paleo diet and so far the results have been quite amazing — once you go paleo, there is no turning back.

If yes, notice how we said that low-carb diets aren’t effective for body fat reduction… after your body has adjusted to having fewer carbs available.
So when it notices manipulation of your caloric intake and a suspiciously increased fat loss rate, it will perceive this as a threat. If you could convince your body that there are always carbs available… when there actually aren’t?
It’s very simple – you’re just tricking your body into thinking that carbs are always present. Despite being quite effective at shedding body fat week after week, the program isn’t necessarily easy. And there is something here: The 4 Cycle Solution is one of those programs that aim to develop healthy habits and long-term lifestyle change. As we said before, eventually, everyone who tries to lose weight finds that after initial success, the scale stops budging.
After that time, your metabolism will make a healthy switch, and you will be ready to live a fat-burning lifestyle at full force. Now that your metabolism is healthy, it can start processing sugar from carbs more efficiently. You will learn how, by strategically scheduling your meals, you can easily control energy and hormonal balance, as well as manipulate carb and fat stores.
The goal is to maintain the results you’ve just achieved, give you and your body rest, and prevent it from further adapting to your eating pattern related to the long calorie deficit from the previous three cycles.
You can expect to lose 7-10 pounds of pure body fat in your first month, and 5-7 pounds every month after that.
If you’d like to try this effective weight loss method of carb cycling and actually do it correctly, all you need is this book.
You do fell satisfied and full of energy on a extremely low carb diet after you become adapted to using ketones (read fat) for energy.

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Thinking that hard times are coming, it starts trying to conserve energy – sacrificing metabolic activity. Your body would constantly leech off of your fat reserves for energy when you need it, which would result in drastic weight loss. You’re never giving it a chance to adapt, which means that during weeks one and three, it’s always taking as much fat as possible from your fat reserves. You’re going to drastically drain your body of carbohydrates and the glycogen stores in your muscles and liver. This allows you to neutralize the most common body adaptation methods so you can still stay on the fat-loss fast track without the dreaded plateau. But we’re here to tell you that if you don’t follow the method correctly, you won’t lose any weight, you won’t feel very good day in and day out, either.
But when we were gathering, we’d be eating fruits and other plants – these sources of food are composed almost entirely of carbohydrates. The idea is to shut off your body’s dependence on sugars and teach it how to find fats stores when it needs energy. You will learn how to manage your carb intake so that you don’t have to worry about storing carbs as fat.

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