Five 10-minute sections: two types of cardio dance, standing abwork and two resistance-band toning segments (the DVD comes with a 6-foot band). A just-plain-fun workout, each of the five 10-minute segments features a different hip hop style. Expertly led by Keli Roberts, it's five 10-minute segments, each one with a specific focus. Three segments: Aerobics plus arm toning, aerobics plus leg toning and pure abdominal sculpting.

Remove the wet laundry from your home gym equipment and jump on for a time efficient whole body workout that integrates your home cardio equipment and compound weight exercises.
1 Mile Express Abs Walk - Low Impact Cardio Core Workout You Can Do At Home In a Small Space! These cardio and aerobic workout videos and Dvds range from simple marches to dancy combos. The movement variety combined with Michelle Dozois' sincere enthusiasm is sure to keep you motivated.

Burn calories, build strength and develop flexibility with this 15-minute drill-focused workout that's easy to follow and great for practicing form and technique.

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